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Hey no probs! Using bold sharp edged notan shapes in layers definitely doesn't feel as intuitive as painting at first especially if you are used to just going for it. The benefits of it might be realised down the line when you search for a more efficient workflow moving from comp to colour render, but it is in the end just one technique. Use whatever you feel works best for you!.

One thing I noticed in your notans was it seemed like you used a small brush to paint so a lot of your edges and shapes looked a bit scratchy. Perhaps using a bigger brush with some pressure/speed taper on it could help you get stronger shapes?

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Yeah... these are the WIPs I'm working on for WK3 - mood. Any comments are very much appreciated

*edit*: oh, hey @Amit, just noticed the comment, yeah, definitely, I'm experimenting quite a lot to find something that feels ok :). In the things here I tried your notan way on the left and the more painterly (still on separate layers tho') on the right. We'll have to see how the color will go :)

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Good work razvanc-r!
I like lower left bus-stop one. It has clear sharp edge.

Thank you for the critique, Amit! 
I tried some reputition and adding fog as other ways for showing scale in my third assignment.
( Without black silhouette in foreground like my last assignment )
I also considered direct and ambient lighting but I think... it didn't work well in my following works.
It was hard for me to keep good value when it comes to colorizing grey sclale sketch, so I patinted over in many place using normal mode brush.

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Hey @seki, nice work on the assignment. I really like the last two, but especially the last one, it has some surreal type of feeling to it. There might be some slight strangeness going on around the bottom right corner, too abrupt transition between value (the blue & the dark tone) and it pushes the eye there because of the contrast. I like the painterly style. For mine, still have to try and color them :D, let's see which one looks better in the end :)

@Razvan, Seki and Mannion: Good to see you guys pushing on! I love the sense of scale you guys are putting into your pieces.

Quote:@Art, welcome on board and great start. I really like the symbolic nature of your notans and how you use rhythm and repetition to create interesting patterns. Great stuff! And yeah our brains our built to interpret patterns so we will always start to see things in things that aren't actually there. :) Don't be scared of this. If you see something emerge, let it happen! I mean eventually you can use these as a way to do thumbnails for representational pieces.

Thanks Amit, OK I stopped being scared of seeing stuff in the shapes with this last lot and just went with it!  Doing these notans reminds me of when the Karate Kid had to keep on waxing the cars!

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I greatly appriciate your clitique! The bottom right corner definitely had wierd value transition. It was not my focal point but the highest contrast. So I painted over there and defined some other vague points. Thank you and let's enjoy our work!

Good works! I like the three rocks with black background.
The rhythm and perspective are cool.

I'm watching some clitique vids in this workshop and learning a bunch of things from others' assignment. Especially about criating depth, I was confused a little bit because there are many approaches  :D

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