I see we're figuring this rendering thing out, cool but dont let it consume you!

Seems like you're having fun and doing what you'd like, but if you wanna improve faster, try focusing on one specific thing. Your portraits are not bad and this is pretty cool

I'd recommend if you haven't, going through drawabox and really grounding your perspective abilities. It will shoot the quality of all your work up very quick if you apply it correctly like 50% boost. Some of your heads are skewed and that will fix that problem, even if you cant see it now. Learn the Loomis method and really get it down, just the lay in part, dont focus so much on detail. Remember the more you can not focus on detail the better, PROMISE!

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Don't know if I agree with the whole 'less detail is better' thing,
but I think I know what you mean .
And yeah loomis is great I will do some more studies from him, and perspective in general is always good to study although I think I will focus more on anatomy for the rest of this year.

Thanks for your advice!

Noice stuff mate,

Loomis is always worth a  revisit, but generally i would agree on the whole less is more thing, even tho he is coming from another point.

but i can say that i like your process of learning when applied correctly, because if you don't feel like doing something you're able to switch subject and never loose motivation. The Problem that brings with it aside ^.^

 keep pushing, because remember that battle, going on.

You seem to understand form to a certain acceptable degre like you said i think it important you get a deeper understanding of anatomy not just surface anatomy.Muscle are really what give most of the surface volume so it good thing to study because they also change depending if the form strech or bend.I would recommend you to do study before drawing i know you probably just want to jump straight to rendering but that doesn't help because many aspect are gonna be thrown away this way.

Here a is a deconstruction of a general approch.
Composition,Gesture,3d construction,craving the 3d form,putting in some shadow indication,adding detail and texture,indicating highlight.

It a great challenge for illustrator to have the patience to be willing to spend the time to do each step correctly as there the one that generally need to know the most about the fundamental.

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