Brian Hermelijn's - Sketchbook
Just wanted to say that the hand studies look pretty sick (where did you learn to break down the form like that? is that your own creation or is it a common setup from hampton / etc) and the artists you referenced make some beautiful work; looking forward to learning from how Robbie Trevino especially makes his work; very economical and simple line / value yet very impactful.
Hey there Algae. Well, after going through multiple resources, and trying things out, for example,
Michael Hampton as you said, Loomis, Villppu, Peter Hand and then drawing on top of references, that's somewhat an idea I arrived.

I am not married to it yet, but it's definitely helping me see the overall structure of the hand better. Its one of those things, I think, that you arrive to a mannequin that works for you, I suppose.

Hope that answers your question :)

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