varbas is a noob
Hey Varbas. Awesome improvement in this page alone, the studies are paying off.

I did paintover of your riven painting.
[Image: ihCdBPj.png]
The biggest issue was that the neck was too short, it is still off. You can also separate the subjects (foreground head,riven,background thing) through value grouping. This makes depth easier to read. You can also push the materials further by expanding your value range.
BenFlores- OMG you stole my first post on new page :D
     Yea thanks for comment .. I dont really see any improvement , every painting  feels like a chore it ist getting any easier :D and yes thanks for paintover. The riven thing was supposted to be underview but it is all broken :D I myself  dont even like that image anymore so I dont know if I even finish it :D but thanks anyways...

Some studies and evening sketch

DIdnt do much today .. One failed study but yea going to embrace failure :D and at least some character if nothing else

From last update I was just drinking all day :D so didnt really draw anything but I managed to do at least something so yea... what I did today felt bad , I need to get back into it.. 
ps. I cant paint blood but I know trick to hide it :D

Stuff from today... Did one experimentation thing but man did it looked better in my head that it came out :D 
ps. and one thing that I finish earlier but forgot to post... get rid of that thing on head, didnt know what I was thinking :D

Fuck ... today aplication just drawing and bad one .. and didnt even finish study.. the patterns on armor are pretty hardcore :D

Funny thing :D In the morning I did anatomy study from reference but when I saved it I saved reference not my study :D I did it but you need to take my word for it :D
Some shitty still life and drawings and knight in really original armor
edit. O yea I forgot I try render something on that old drawing.

Just stuff from today. I woke up late so didn´t do alot...

Today just a few things.. 

Man your rendering continues to blow me away - very nice!

Just one thing - be careful with your proportions - the full length elf archer girl in post #27 - her arms a little too short. Check out Loomis Figure Drawing For All It's Worth - he has some excellent info on proportions.

Keep up the hard work dude - looking forward to more :).

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Artloader- Thanks alot man. It isn´t still where I want it to be but its better I guess :D.. 
and yes I was warned about proportion before and now that I look at my stuff I can clearly see that it is pretty bat :D.. I wanna finish Hogarth first or at least get little bit further and then jump into Loomis but thanks going to watch my proportion more from now :D

It is pretty hard to study in weekends because of fun household :D but yea try not to be a little bitch and get over it and do some stuff... could focus on study and some sketch that I started.

Some stuff from past days.. Didn´t do much but try to hop back on track.
I hope during the night I wont forget how to draw or why am I even doing this and finish that elf girl :D 
the pose is stiff  nad straight on purpose :D  ( or at least I tell that to myself )

Didn´t do alot these days.. but I managed to "finish" that elf character but I don´t know... The spell is overlay party and I didn´t thought about light or anything forward so it ended up looking like that :D but yea it was mostly experimentation wanted to try to light something with strong secondary light soo in trying that I succeeded :D


Man I am really lazy these past days... dont know what am I doing.. somehow after day of drinking it all wanished away :D which is something to be expected but it sucks...
And the struggle with the riven piece isn´t anything motivating either.

didnt do much these days.. didnt have any motivation or strenght to do something ,I felt hedeache and shit and funny thing I found out I am sick so that is nice :D did some sketches with pencil but maybe I will scan them later.

somethings from today.. That shell was my archnemesis for long but finaly were able to somewhat draw it :D

somethings from today.. 

Nice work dude - I had to do a double take on that last render - thought it was a photo!

Keep up the hard work!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Artloader- thanks alot man, but don´t say stuff like that I am going to get lofty and think alot about myself :D but thanks anyway.

I am getting pretty lazy I dont know why.. Didnt do almosost anything important today.


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