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Dreschler- Thanks. Yea I kinda started focusing more on just design and rendering materials and stuff but yea should get back to some anatomy books. Thanks for comment.

Fedodika- Yea I kinda did not meat it like I would start working tomorow but I was listening to Dave Rapoza older podcast and he was saying like Brad Rigney was studying to no end and then when he came out he didnt know anything about the job side of it. And yea I dont think I am good enough to work but I dont even know how good one needs to be or I dont even know what jobs are out there and how and where to find them. I literally dont know anything so I wanted to just  make it a bit clearer or to not go blind into it.

Thanks for "analyzing" those stuff like that. Like I knew there was a problem but now I specifically see where and with what. Yea thanks for that I kinda was drilling myself and trying to do alot of stuff in one day so was not focusing on specific stuff just wanted to jump to another thing.

Hmm i did not even heard of Drawabox. Will look into it. Yea thanks for comment and reply to that shoutbox thing.

Flow-Thanks. Should probably look into loomis again. :D Yea and was trying to study design these few weeks but yea dont understand it at all :D Should probably find some text or something for it. Thanks for comment.

Well for the job side, just look at companies you'd wanna work for and create a portfolio that would match their style, then send your stuff in to the art director. I think Rigney said, "other people will see it before you do." as far as being ready. You'll start getting commissions when the stars line up, but it takes that good sense of proportion. (and make sure youre on social media which presumably you are...)

I know this will sound crazy, but just give painting a break, nothing but lines for a while, just focus on basic shapes, do Drawabox from the very first lesson, learn how to draw cubes right, straight lines, curved lines. That stuff comes back and will make your stuff so much more cohesive. I promise you dude, look at all the pros, their drawings alone are enough to excite the hell out of people. Gotta get that first, the painting should just be an afterthought. A drawing should look good even at its roughest stages and look three dimensional. All the shading in the world will not save a bad drawing my friend

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