Zorrentos Sketchbook
Inktober 15/31

[Image: 4oul8Uu.jpg]

My thumbs for my CC6 challenge: 

[Image: OyCNfZh.jpg]

Inktober 16/31

[Image: HxGVnmp.jpg]

Inktober 17/31

[Image: GrZpEpR.jpg]

You have a very diverse skill set. What are going to try and get into professionally speaking and have you thought about making a body of work for a portfolio?
Thanks for the visit Danny. My dream job is to become an illustrator or to work in game development. I am certainly planning to create a website for myself after I finish some more works (I am sorta in a "full on study mode" atm). 

As for game development, I would love to go back to school to learn it, but I have been rejected from the schools I applied to for two years in a row (they also rated my portfolio low), so I am just trying to build up my skills atm.

Inktober 18/31

[Image: CqMQ30o.jpg]

Inktober 19/31

[Image: y6mXOBQ.jpg]

Inktober 20/31

[Image: edIDkMH.jpg]

I really do like these ink sketches, nice work. Some nice character designs in here as well.
Thank you Dennis!  Thumbs_up

Inktober 21/31

[Image: Jh0zRuB.jpg]

Inktober 22/23

[Image: jQUzrWF.jpg]

[Image: ZHeFHWJ.jpg]

Inktober 24

[Image: kxTz986.jpg]

WIP for the new Crimson crucible.

[Image: pZb0HuP.jpg]

Calling this done and moving on to the next image

[Image: yFL6EJd.jpg]

Playing with Zbrush/Keyshot 

[Image: Brmo18S.jpg]

[Image: YE5P1Ke.jpg]

From mirror/life for international self portrait day 2016

[Image: PWyuVJc.jpg]

Awesome stuff! I especially love your lineart and ink stuff. One thing that I noticed is that most of your female characters have similar faces, not sure if that's intentional. And some males look like your cat from comic CC :) I think every artist tends to prefer some particular kind of faces so that it's really hard to come up with versatile stuff. As for the CC6, I like everything except that the lit part of the mountain seems too 3d to me, too many small details and hard edges which distracts from the characters.

Thank you for crits and visit neopatogen! 

Its true that I got the sameface problem when it comes to drawing females. I will definitly try to fix this in future drawings. Also, thanks for the crit on the CC6, I quite agree now in retrospective xD

Heres some practice I did today: Trying to learn render/compositing in zbrush and photoshop.

[Image: CQ7ypQg.jpg]

Life study of an old dogs skull and a bunch of composition studies

[Image: tPKKMYW.jpg]

[Image: h9yIdk0.jpg]

[Image: 7DC1uPv.jpg]

[Image: AVDVCbq.jpg]

[Image: 7nxrcbc.jpg]

Stuff for my CC7

[Image: MppmMnb.jpg]

[Image: zS7UUtR.jpg]

[Image: Ys9HlWe.jpg]

[Image: P4fjTxW.jpg]

[Image: B76lki2.jpg]

[Image: RIthOdA.jpg]

[Image: KxYWLiV.jpg]

Two new design sketches for my CC7

[Image: rdexiEl.jpg]

[Image: wxgWFFa.jpg]


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