Zorrentos Sketchbook
ohgod ohgod ohgod so little time left ...

[Image: 7T9Pvrn.jpg]

Heh, some of this stuff is really entertaining. Love the hamburger drawings.
Im happy you are entertained brokenspears!  In love

some random stuff. Practice things, studies, notes etc

[Image: AyKkKGp.jpg]

[Image: m97hHxy.jpg]

[Image: 6gfHrET.jpg]

[Image: Dp1r8OR.jpg]

Work continues

[Image: f3XAPvy.jpg]

[Image: HfVLksP.jpg]

Working on a painting, but im unsure witch version I should pursue. Any crits are apreciated!

[Image: Lxrohfo.jpg]

[Image: UVHy2tv.jpg]


the difference between the two comps isn't really obvious, so I'm wondering if you've uploaded a wrong image or?

I can only spot that the feet are placed differently and maybe there abit more space between the tree trunk and the bottom border of the picture in the top version.

I feel the narrative is ambiguous to me at the moment, he has blood on his hands and his clothes and the sabre, so has he been gripping his sword? Is it a gunshot wound?

He's sitting up right and looking at his hands in horror, this prompts me to think the blood isn't his but he's reflecting on his act of killing someone else?

These are my reactions to the picture anyhow :D

Can't wait to see where this picture goes!
Here's a crit:

His palms are bloody. Knees weak. Arms are heavy. There's blood on his tunic already..

Or is it mom's spaghetti? :)

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Hi Zorrentos! Here are some observations from a newbie, 

Really like your approach to your studies: they aren't just copies but you're observing a key principle and trying to learn more about it. Also I think it's good you're trying to apply these theories to your own work such as the environments when you're looking at shadow. I feel some people do 'studies' but don't want to apply the knowledge they gained as this is the hardest bit as the imagination work is often shitty! (trust me I know from experience) 

Your 3D work is awesome and a great asset to have if you want to work in Games- I've seen some artists on ArtStation do a 2D and 3D portfolio so maybe you could consider that? Maybe it wouldn't be beneficial to differentiate the 2 because I like how you use 3D as an asset for your 2D work.

Keep going! 
dodeqaa: The pictures are a bit diffirent. The second one has redrawn legs and other fixes such as the sword placed lower and such. And yes indeed, he is supposed to be reflecting on killing another human being :) I think that I should have made this clearer, but maybe I can still salvage the image somewhat. 

John: Mom is a low carb maniac, so spaghetti is totally out of the question!

MannionJJ2020: Thank you very much! I feel like this is the right way to study. Watching videos and reading is good, but you rly gotta draw and paint as much from your head as possible to apply all the knowledge.

Thanks for the kind words on the 3D btw. I will definitly study it way more in the future (I would rly love to be able to make really high quality weapon models/character models and such). 

Here are some more color sketches: 

[Image: xPui8Q2.jpg]

Happy new year guys!  In love

Some new sketches and such that I did after reading about color etc

[Image: dTafrkI.jpg]

[Image: WEZVpz1.jpg]

[Image: V9pw8Y9.jpg]

[Image: o6C1XVY.jpg]

[Image: OiAU7vG.jpg]

[Image: W4PjMN4.jpg]

[Image: EEuQiXx.jpg]

[Image: fEhNiiD.jpg]

Small dump.

Amazing work! i really like your studies and the cat and dog concepts. Useful information on your page.

nice line flow in the small dump :)
alexdanila: Thank you so much! Im happy its useful! :) 

gregorkari: Thanks! :)

Time to start dumping more work here. I will be dumping it during this week. 

[Image: FbZ314q.jpg]

[Image: NB9BWRu.jpg]

[Image: BIpPlIV.jpg]

[Image: TO4kvLG.jpg]

Study compilations

[Image: YOWKaYo.jpg]

[Image: ETAnQdv.jpg]

[Image: DKC13Q4.jpg]

A bit of work on my CHOW 

[Image: HY6c6fe.jpg]

Some thumbnails for the CHOW. 

[Image: cU8Ttwe.jpg]

Hello :) Great works on lineart, And on your studies the colors seems to be good.

I'll keep an eye on this thread :)

The bard sketches look very well in greyscale but the color needs some work.
Good work on your studies, I find writing notes on them helpful as well :)

Spolyk: Thanks for the visit! Ill be sure to keep an eye on your SB as well!  Thumbs_up

neopatogen: Thank you! Yeah, color is a huge weakness of mine, but im continuing to study it! Hopefully it will pay off in the long run :)

Some stuff from my CHOW 20: 

[Image: mWVAwVm.jpg]

[Image: 8A5cnCv.jpg]

[Image: 9kPan5d.jpg]


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