Zorrentos Sketchbook
Pushin that chow!! Ohh. I wanted to post in this sketchbook for a while but I'm always... distracted by something else D:

I really enjoy all your drawings. Your bard drawing came out especially nice. Big plus points for doing basically a full illustration piece with this.

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Very nice studies here!
I specially like your Candy Crush invite illustration xD very funny! Also the zombie and girl selfie.
You are doing well with the studies, specially improving the environment and colors, so just keep on going :D
Hello guys, it has been a long time right? 

So what happened to me? Well, I was accepted into a great Game art school in 2017 called "The Game Assembly" and I have now been spending almost two years studying here. During this time, I have really learned a lot, and I have become more of a 3D focused artist.

I am now graduating and going into internship. I have really missed this community, and I would love to get back into the groove, posting, recieving and giving feedback to other artists. I am hoping to get back into this habit and keeping this sketchbook alive from now on. 

I am planning on spending some time every week or every other week, just posting my everyday work and giving out some feedback to people (of course, anyone posting in my SB will have priority  Thumbs_up )

Here is some work from my portfolio that I made when I graduated:

[Image: dennis-praetorius-holmgren-version-1.jpg?1555424168]

[Image: dennis-praetorius-holmgren-swedish-grena...1555423791]

[Image: dennis-praetorius-holmgren-final.jpg?1555423450]

[Image: dennis-praetorius-holmgren-orc-final-des...1555423453]

[Image: dennis-praetorius-holmgren-presentation-...1555423456]

The rest of my stuff can be seen on my artstation portfolio: 


Lets bring some more life into the Crimson Daggers community! This place has meant so much to so many people, and it deserves some more love from us!  In love

I think your one of the first person i see using the concept of cold and warm light around here.Might be time on an other note to update that auto portrait.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
hell yeah! very clean looking stuff :)

Wow! Awesome art! Really dig the character designs :)
Thank you so much guys! Ill make sure to visit and crit your SBs some day this week when I have a bit more time! :)

Here are some study notes Ive done recently. Going on a lot of interviews at companies atm, so not much time to do self-studies.  Sad

Edit: Is it just me, or are theese images coming up with a wierd saturation?

One thing i would say but might not be extremely worth mentioning is that the first issue most of the image i see have are proportion issue.

Secondly what i notice would be that some of the value should be darker than you made them to be.

One advise is to squint often with your eye when simplifying value.

For porportion is about spacetial relation of point and using all the straight line you can to help construct the image.

Of course it much hard to get proportion right if you don't know the proportion of the face.Being able to visualize a centerline on the face is a really important aspect of drawing face.

I hope this was worth reading.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Hey Zorrentos!

Godd stuff. I like that grenadier model a lot, aswell as the hero designs, good stuff indeed.

Regarding your studied i´m seeing a common thing; flatness. Not sure if it´s intentional or not, if not there are a couple of suggestions to push flatness into volume;

1. Values are the main ingridient. Suggestion; make black/white value studies. Do a lot of them and blend the flat values.

2. Do not be afraid to push saturation when it requires. The movie Tangled has a lot of appeal due to it´s fantastic art but also it´s lighning, onle of the main igredients for the movie are it´s colours, saturated colours.
If the colours are not correctly divided into shadow/light, they become muddy.

Hope you don´t mind, i´ve done a very quick paintover.

Hey guys

Sorry about disappearing yet again. I am currently doing a internship at a really cool game studio in Sweden called "Luau Games". We are mostly making casual cellphone games atm, and hopefully, im gonna be here for a long time. Its a lot of fun work, but I had to learn a lot of new software, such as Unity and Blender, and adapt to the new place.

Im back now though, and im hoping to help turn this place a bit more alive like it used to be back in the days. This place has such an amazing history, and it really motivates me to self-study and update. Its so cool to be able to go back as well and see the progress lined up. Discord, FB groups and similar just isnt the same IMO ...
So anyway, most of the work I produce nowadays in my everyday life is for the studio, but here are some recent personal works.

@ darktiste

Thank you for the input and crits. I still have a lot to learn, and im hoping to go back to the basics of drawing soon enough. Time to dust of thoose loomis and hogarth books soon I recon.

@ RickRichards. 

BIG thank you for the overpaint! I can only say here as well that im planning to return to the basics soon. I think its time for more still lifes and such.

A sketch that will be used for a personal game mockup: 

Some character designs for an upcoming image:

Some study notes:

Cya next weekend! Color work is coming!

Cool stuff man, I love seeing people's study notes :).

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CD Sketchbook

Cheers Artloader!  Thumbs_up

So came back to the studio after the holidays and had to adjust. Not much to show from this week sadly. but heres a WIP of a fanart im making of Emmet from The Lego Movie. Program used is Blender 2.8.

Much more next weekend, I promise!

Time for Update 3/52 for this year. This week, I really had to grind Unity and study it on my free time (had to learn more about it for my studio work), so these study notes are a wee bit older (a month or so). Still, want to keep up with the updates. 

Studies mostly from imagination after reading books and tutorials. Hope you guys like!
Next week, Im really hoping to show some stuff from my personal project. Pray for me that I find the time and energy to work a lot on it!  Thumbs_up 

That guy holding the stick as an awkward weight distribution is right leg i feel should be more straight than it is right now for me it read as broken.Clearly here most of the weight rest in is right leg since the other leg is on is toe and the stick seem to serve more to balance the weight than it would support the weight.Overall your figure have a nice balance.Good job.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Thank you for the excellent crits darktiste! I am grateful that you took your time! :)

Sooo... This all vent straight to hell with the weekly updates and whatnot. Just got busy as usualy with learning new software for work and such.

I finished my internship at the game studio, and got hired for a three month trial employment. I am of course hoping to turn this into a longer opportunity, but for the time being, im really grateful for the three months. I do all kinds of work at the studio (2D, 3D, Technical art etc) so every day is almost a new learning experience. Lots of fun stuff! :)

I have set up a schedule for myself to self-study and keep learning and improving my artworks. For the time being, I only have about 1-2 hours in the mornings before work and some time in the weekend, but I am hoping to turn this into 2-3 hours once I have found a place a bit closer to my job.

Here are a few studies from my sketchbook that I want to share. I took a class in gesture drawing for animation in order to get back into the drawing game. More to come soon, I hope ....

Having so little time for personal drawing has gotta be tough. I hope that situation improves soon!

I like your lines; good variation in thickness and "swoopiness". Nicely simplified muscle and bone shapes; if I had to give a crit the only thing I'd change is to make it more obvious that the pectoralis major goes on top of the biceps. I think the dude with a stick is the best drawing overall; the gesture feels solid. I also had a laugh at "I misplaced your baby".
Glad I brought a smile to your face Pubic Enemy! Thanks for the visit and crit! Hopefully, I will be able to use my time in a better way from now on with lots of personal work now that the need to learn new software has diminished a bit.

Some more studies and an image I started working on. Not really sure about anything in the image, but im planning to block out the values this coming week. I am aiming for a bit more complexity in this image with multiple figures and such.

Other then that, life just goes along. Working hard while studying every moment I get and trying to improve! Hoping to be able to update my portfolio soon!

As usual, good-looking lines and shapes. The gesture on the walking figure in the top image looks very nice.

The second image is shaping up well. It's a very motley crew. Are those Englishmen on the right and Eurasian steppe warriors on the left?
Cheers pubic! You will find out the story once the image is more finished :)

Not much to say this week. I started CubeBrush art school. Finished a couple of videos from Term 1. Not sure if I will continue to do it atm tho. Going back to "gestue drawing 01" and such is surely needed, but I need to prioritize my very limited free time on becoming a better game artist with 3D software and such . Might do it in the future though!

Heres a few more figures I made after finishing the "Figure Drawing 1" class in the Art School pack. Planning on focusing on my personal art works from now on. More updates soon!

A bunch of sketches from this week after watching many tutorials. I am working on other stuff as well, so maybe Ill update during this week as well. 


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