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Here I did you a quick write up. I've been studying composition a lot lately, mainly by just writing things on top of paintings I like and seeing what I think works. The image I posted first with the kind of forest town, it's way too busy. The animals are running: story. Someone is buying something: story, the guy coming to town: Story, the girls reading: Story. These can all be a painting on their own.

Now with time, you'll be able to work something like that into a scene, but right now, the way the background is arranged with all these little details, it's just too busy, there is too much happening so it looks cluttered. The elements are too close together and there's basically just two small slivers of space that has no detail. 

For the flower piece, the biggest problem is the arrangement of shapes. It's basically just a few squares. The figures are all the same height, the same basic silhouette, and the scene doesn't really make sense. Like, there's this big flower that's above them that is uncomfortably close, and the characters seem lost but at the same time there is this big gust of wind on the ground which makes no sense. The characters seem oblivious to the other elements, like they aren't reacting to the wind or the massive strange flower, both of which could dramatically affect the characters poses and reactions. I know you could say the flower provides light to read the map, but you know, it's just not very interesting at this angle in particular. 

Now your colors and character designs are great, as you know and have heard many times, I do think it's good you're trying a bit tougher of a composition with multiple figures. I would highly recommend doing some studies of people you look up to, not painting or drawing their work, but just writing down what is working in the scenes, find the big shapes, make notes etc on top of their work. you'll learn very quick, I promise ;). Also thumbnail moar <3

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@Fedodika I think the leaves blowing might be due to the force from whatever's behind them, though I agree it's a bit messy.

Those Jesters are interesting!, I really like 11, the floating torso is a cool design decision, I also like 2,5 and 6.
About the backgrounds, Krenz did a gumroad vid(he's releasing the second part soon), which might help, he goes very in depth with how to place the figures perfectly in perspective.
Design wise I think it mainly comes down to practice, studying paintings you like and doing more thumbnails.
Thumbnails especially since you said part of your issue is wanting to change stuff midway, experiment a lot more in that phase with compositions and camera angles, should save you a lot of time.
I'm seeing a lot of thumbnail sketches in your SB but not any relating to some of your major pieces like this one.

@Fedodika: Thanks man, I really appreciate the effort you put into all this. Little planning, lack of focus, and too many separate things going on at once as you said. Was going for an alternate approach to the swamp one I did below which is a comfort zone composition but obviously I lack the practice to do so, so stuffing in a crap ton of details and elements is my go-to for smothering the nonexistent pre planning. As for looking at other people's work, I'm still super attached to Riot's splash arts, but they all rely on the character(s) being the main focus. Environments alone just don't give me as much interest. Will keep trying to figure it out!

@Trigger: I may invest in Krenz more, absolutely. The thumbnails I've uploaded thus far were under study purposes. For some reason I still feel obligated to upload only studies and personal works are not allowed, especially when I accidentally finish a painting and think "I can't upload this, it's too finished". Probably the dumbest thing ever. 

This one was the first out of the three, as well as the only one with even the slightest bit of thumbnailing. God I hate the other two haha.

Update on Lhittle Lhettie with the five thumbnails I liked the most. Hard time figuring out if I wanted the lower half to be symmetrical, as wacky as possible, or whatnot. Symmetrical ended up being more appealing but...who knows. Always open to thoughts~

Really nice story telling and style. can't wait to see more!

Leaving on a month long trip where I won't have access to my usual digital setup. Gonna be tons

What better way to apply the studies of the lower torso than by painting the upper torso?

One of those coloring using layer modes attempts. It's so convenient for making adjustments on the spot but it's not as appealing compared to full-painterly imo.

WIP on the splash art for Lhettie. Trying to stick in some fake dynamic perspective. Background's still wonky.
diggin so far! you can fake the perspective sometimes as long as it isn't glaringly obvious.

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"The answer's in your sketchbook." Will Terrell
hey! really digging your illustrations!
the colors and lighting are just beautiful *0*
I agree with you regarding the layer modes. I much prefer the painterly look as well ;)

Man your stuff looks Awesome :D your illustrations and your composition is beautiful as well
@Fedo: "I don't need to know what I'm doing, as long as it looks like I know what I'm doing!"
@Voodoo: Hear, hear. Thanks man. I do feel bad that I can't force myself to like layering modes despite really wanting to. Same goes for lineart.
@allen: 'Preciate it!

Been stuck in Taiwan for a while with no access to my usual setup, which means back to the ol' sketchbook. No real subject in mind, just being really conscious of my strokes and visualizing. Also out of nowhere, I fucking love goats now. 

Oh my god, trying to upload these through an iPad is the absolute worst experience. Please pardon the shoddy stitching and camerawork. I'll just wait til I get back to upload the rest. It's not worth it.

Great sketches Hozure :). You must have so much patience to be able to include so much detail - especially in the meeting sketch and the random street sketch.

Keep posting!

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