Sketch Goulash!
@Jaik Thanks again man! More solid advice! I appreciate the encouragement

sketch for a group challenge
[Image: 14829600572_4edd18cc33_b.jpg]

yup. thing while talking.
[Image: 14653442979_f1fa8dfeba_c.jpg]

Group challenge where we made a warrior-character based off of a tarot card of the major arcanca. yup. yup. yup.

[Image: dinner-batman-justice.gif]

here it is! >:|
[Image: 14747493749_4fd12ec347_b.jpg]

You always have so much cool little details going on in your drawings man, super cool. I guess as a tip though, you might want to look into exploring the lasso tool and simple shapes/gradients/airbrush. Helps you to see the value in really clean accurate simple shapes. I think seeing Robh 's work really early on in my learning helped me a bunch .

Keep working hard though man, making progress!


I like this. It reminds me of shit.



@ImSkeptical - thanks man! I'll give it a whorl! :D
@JJAaaron - you're a peach. <3

-really want to get better at lighting the figure. -_-'
Hey its a guy. Doing a thing.

[Image: 15074820391_9b8dc64c86_b.jpg]

[Image: 15071551861_52d2401ebb_b.jpg]

form and spatial relations exercise. ;P
My study group and I are starting a 5 week ip challenge, feel free to join in!
-you can follow us ::here::! ;P

[Image: 14955792900_dbaa1b61f4_b.jpg]

[Image: 14956044158_560b09f681_c.jpg]

yup yup yup.

[Image: 14964652580_dce728a20c_c.jpg]

[Image: 15151973595_5973fdb2af_c.jpg]

I want to do this a lot more, (en plein air studies) definitely creates some fun/interesting challenges not faced with digital. i.e. color, tone and the movement of the scene itself as the day progresses. Even in examining the photo and thinking about what I was seeing, the scenes color was a lot more vivid and not just because the change of day. -Definitely will be an interesting problem to examine. Incomplete, but I thought it would be cool to seethe progression over a couple images.

[Image: 14977843660_86aa62b340_c.jpg]

continuation of our group's 5 week ip challenge
-catch it ::here::

[Image: 14989459749_a9e17a3f46_b.jpg]

More ip project work: "Wolves of the Waste"
follow our group's progress ::here::
Rough week timing wise, plus tablet dying. Unfinished post, but good to try and keep pace! ;P

Environment: "The Waste"
[Image: 15058065278_7302a99411_b.jpg]

Antagonist: "Aeidun in waste-form"
[Image: 15058060137_0431b249bf_b.jpg]

[Image: 15078096848_9d863cb617_b.jpg]

[Image: 15094782830_6a4239f321_b.jpg]

[Image: 15288736841_03715a50c4_b.jpg]

[img][Image: 15115775078_303d7135ce_b.jpg][/img]

[Image: 15315126495_5076153354_b.jpg]

[Image: 15131714057_dea79d0589_b.jpg]

Your studies kick ass Heliux! And congratulations on meeting the 10mi running goal, that's insane 0:
No crits for now, you're already on point with your notes... just more mileage and you'll keep levelling up!
Keep it up :)

@smrrfette - Thanks a bunch! I've sort of suspended running to focus a little more on jiu-jitsu. I definitely welcome the crits whenever you're down! ;D

7 day streak into the anatomy challenge. don't expect to finish, but to roughly paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, "I never achieved the mark of perfection I was aiming for, but I went further than if I had not tried at all" -This week's been a little rough and I'm falling a bit behind my original expectations with the ip challenge. (3 pieces behind) -gotta carve out that time, gotta get faster so I can release more studies and ideas simultaneously. ;P
I set timers, but when I analyze what I did I feel like I'm using the time I could be drawing catching up to what I've already been thinking about. Stuff I could do at "work" or during commute times.
[Image: 15328399082_926596d8d9_b.jpg]

[Image: 15123565980_9a25f40b5d_b.jpg]


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