Coinhero's sketchbook
[Image: uoSnHwz.jpg]

I couldn't finish this because some things came up, also made some quick sketches for future stuff
[Image: BhIHNno.jpg]

finished the image from yesterday and made this
[Image: 2bY0fGi.jpg]

Finished the one from yesterday and finished the line sketch on this. Went back and edited my last painting before I started working on this comic, I forgot that I never shared it anywhere.
[Image: 30edKBW.jpg]

it almost doesn't matter how this turns out in the end because I'm having so much fun making these sketches and I think I'm learning a lot, it's really getting me out of my comfort zone that's for sure. I'm not adding any of the text because if I make a custom font I should be able to use this comic as one of my graduation projects for university and I'm waiting to start lectures and talk with one of my teachers to help me out.
[Image: ukmXVRU.jpg]

I took a photo when we were getting on the plane because the lighting was crazy and today I made a little watercolor painting from it. I also finished the line sketch on the image from yesterday and play around with painting one of the panels but I didn't work on anything else because my head's not in it.
 I wish I had done the last pages first because I got all the easy stuff out of the way but now university is starting in a few days and I'm really out of it. 
Also I've mostly done line art for a while now and my painting skill is really falling behind, or maybe my expectations are too unrealistic idk but I suck ass and its not good
Started drawing early in the morning, that's definitely best for me I just have so much more energy. That being said I did draw all day, making stuff from imagination is so damn draining for me and after I run out of juice I just start making really bad drawing back to back. I'll go do something else and then try to get some more drawing done after dinner.

[Image: IoK3Ugy.jpg]

[Image: COu36b1.jpg]

I also want to go back and redo some panels on older pages but if I go down that rabbit how this is never getting finished.

unless I get carried away again I should have only 3 pages left and then I'll have to figure out how to paint all of this. I've been thinking of keeping some of the lines and trying to idk make more of a line art thing instead of painting everything because it would make things much easier on me when it comes to painting faces. This anime style is easy to draw but I think its really hard to paint I think.
I've wanted to make a Sekiro shadows die twice image for a long time and today I sketched this in one of my lectures

[Image: nlMMqWi.jpg]

and the digital version

[Image: m5o49D2.jpg]

I didn't realize how much crap sekiro is wearing until I started it's kind of ridiculous. I wanted to sketch this in photoshop and then copy it on paper and make a watercolor painting but I think that would be way too hard, I'm not sure if I can paint this digitally honestly, I'm super out of practice -_-
I want this game and I want it now
[Image: hyK86aJ.jpg]

saving the hard stuff for last lol
I kind of forgot to post stuff yesterday but here is some drawings 

[Image: ksd9JG3.jpg]

made some lines and worked on the sekiro thing

[Image: QCRz43I.jpg]

this is a stupid parody for a game that's coming out in 6 months and I decided that its kind of stupid to spend to much time on it so I'm stopping now and I'll work on it some more idk when like a new trailer for the game comes out or something. I mostly just wanted to try out some painting things. Leaving it with all the blur until I feel like working on it some more

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