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you're doing a great job and i'm happy to see you pushing through these exercises. you're also applying them which is the key to adding them which is the key to integrating this to your memory and that's great! your shapes have improved, but there is still some wonkyness and distortion.

if you wanna know why they're distorted, it's because of two things: your lines are not converging to the vanishing point correctly (this can be corrected by using the ruler, please use one) and also the boxes leave the 60 degree cone of vision. the cone of vision is very important to understand, otherwise you'll find yourself drawing some weird-looking technically correct boxes. look up the cone of vision and rotation exercises in scott robertson's how to draw book. really cement that info.

It's very important to use a ruler to correct yourself in perspective drawing, especially when you're doing ellipse work because if the cube is incorrect, your ellipse will be incorrect.

your ellipses are getting better, but they're still not in the correct degree for your cars, so that chapter from scott robertson's book on degree of ellipses and stuff will be a godsend.

another construction exercise you can try for wrapping your head around perspective is hands. i feel like they're the ultimate perspective exercise and they proved invaluable for me. i drew the 500 hand challenge and the first 200 were really weird looking. it's a good exercise.

keep at it. i see you did some MDJ exercises and I love that. Keep pushing man. and careful not to burn yourself out with studies. try to add some fun stuff too!

Wow Leo, an impressive amount of work here. All this perspective stuff will stand you in good stead for sure.

As Desquolor said, it is great that you're applying your learnings. Particularly taking stuff from real life and breaking them down into their basic forms - like you did with the alligator - this will boost you up to new heights!

Keep going dude!

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