I'm starting this sketchbook to document my studies , my progress , the way I go...

I used to do my digital stuff with a mouse up until recently 

I began with gimp ,and then continued with medibang which I think is unironically the best program for mouse painting

[Image: john-dough-tombofshite.jpg?1536410645]
[Image: john-dough-unfinishednef.jpg?1536410662][Image: john-dough-sunsetnef.jpg?1536410657][Image: john-dough-screw.jpg?1536410643][Image: john-dough-milky-butthole.jpg?1536410651][Image: john-dough-lake.jpg?1536410658]

[Image: john-dough-alaptomb.jpg?1536416175]
[Image: voidman-cavenef.jpg?1544461261]

These two were made with tablet
[Image: voidman-valuestudy.jpg?1549736217]

[Image: voidman-the-damn-snow.jpg?1549736391]

Heres a little to planning
Nowadays and actually always choosing what to learn from was always a bit of a dilemma for me, and so I never really began... I started with drawabox which in the end wasnt a good beginning, and then bounced between tutorials and methods which really just kept me staggering...

So now I'll go through peter hans dynamic sketching , will probably post the homeworks.
other things to study:
-enviroment studies, focusing on detail like plants , trees etc. 
(I came up with a plan , but I forgot it ,and it came out like this )

So that's it for now ...let's see where this goes.

Nice start Aman007, I like your colours and values.

Heheh - I used to paint with a mouse in Gimp as well but then a got a tablet and bought Clip Studio Paint, both were an improvement for me.

I found drawabox very useful myself, but Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching is even more awesome in my opinion.

With the painting, one thing I've found useful is to try to think in terms of shapes. Paint big shapes first then go in a refine with smaller shapes. Hope that helps, please ignore if not.

Good luck - looking forward to your studies :).

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CD Sketchbook

Hi and welcome Aman!
I like your work, wile your paintings might be not perfect technically, many of them convey mood and emotion which is a big deal.
Since you write about bouncing between tutorials, I'll refrain from recommending resources for now (but let us know if you need suggestions :) )
But I'm curious why Drawabox didn't work for you (did for me, but we all learn differently) and whether you find Peter Han's vids more helpful.
Artloader's advice is pretty much fundamental and is an approach used by most artists.
Looking forward to see more of your explorations :)

Thank you for the replies ,

Initially I found Peter's approach more intuitive and I guess I liked that approach more ,since I want to develop more of a natural sense of the fundamentals, but since then I haven't learned much due to work ,and realized that learning is a much more complex process than just learning and repeating...

although I can't say that the last months were uneventful
but Ive been really busy and I think I will be for a short while, maybe I will post something this month because I will have a 2 week break so I'll have a bit of room to get some fresh air and do some productivity

[Image: voidman-shaareisioncon.jpg?1558689620]

Here's my latest work ,probably the last before doing only study stuff, because ,the perspective, textures, and simplicity of scenes are now repetitive and I realized that I hadn't done anything more complex or different in any other way(lets not even talk about the perspective of the water reflection lol).... I gotta renew the next time I do a piece...
So here's to that .


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