Vitor sketchbook
(02-02-2021, 02:12 AM)Dominicque Wrote: Can I ask have you been studying Vlippu, because you have similar mark-making. Lovin' the way you've been drawing the figures, there's so much live and personality to them.

thank you very much. And yes everything I know about fundamentals I learned from Vilppu's lessons and from Michael Hampton's book that has a very similar method
Great job! Seems like your building up a very strong foundation! :)

I was having a hard time drawing the figure in poses with arms up, so I am studying a lot how the muscles of the shoulder connect to the arm.

I also decided to take the challenge of drawing 100 heads in 10 days, which made me realize that I have a weak knowledge of structure when I have to draw in more complicated angles.

[Image: 20210121-190101.jpg]
[Image: 20210121-205058.jpg][Image: 20210122-192000.jpg][Image: 20210123-143655.jpg][Image: 20210123-224505.jpg][Image: 20210125-162912.jpg][Image: 20210125-163224.jpg][Image: 20210125-180319.jpg][Image: 20210126-172242.jpg][Image: 20210127-203209.jpg][Image: 20210128-143335.jpg][Image: 20210128-160236.jpg][Image: 20210129-164411.jpg][Image: 20210204-181833.jpg][Image: 20210204-181849.jpg][Image: 20210204-181857.jpg][Image: 20210204-181912.jpg][Image: 20210204-181920.jpg][Image: 20210204-181926.jpg]

[Image: 20210208-204815.jpg][Image: 20210208-204826.jpg][Image: 20210208-204842.jpg][Image: 20210209-205236.jpg][Image: 20210210-195934.jpg][Image: 20210210-200359.jpg][Image: 20210215-213307.jpg][Image: 20210215-213322.jpg][Image: 20210215-213346.jpg][Image: 20210215-213359.jpg][Image: 20210217-202804.jpg][Image: 20210217-202824.jpg][Image: 20210215-213419.jpg][Image: 20210217-202841.jpg][Image: 20210217-202848.jpg]
(02-05-2021, 05:22 PM)Zorrentos Wrote: Great job! Seems like your building up a very strong foundation! :)
Thanks :)
Your sketchbook is fantastic. I Love how you put Villpu into practice. I’m currently studying his book along with Hampton’s one. 

Your figure drawing skills are mesmerizing and incredibly dynamic. I see no hesitation in your line work.
You inspire me to continue studying Villpu.

Keep it up.
thank you, I'm happy to inspire others to study fundamentals of the human figure. There are a lot of great teachers on the subject but Michael Hampton and Vilppu were the ones I liked the most, I hope it will be fun for you too
lately I'm using Michel Lauricella's first two books a lot as a reference for drawing the human figure, I like the way he simplifies shapes to represent anatomy in a simple way. In the next posts I will try to do more gestures with time.

[Image: 20210220-180509.jpg]
[Image: 20210220-180523.jpg][Image: 20210220-180536.jpg][Image: 20210220-180544.jpg][Image: 20210220-180548.jpg][Image: 20210220-180603.jpg][Image: 20210221-202929.jpg][Image: 20210221-202947.jpg][Image: 20210226-171224.jpg][Image: 20210226-171241.jpg][Image: 20210226-171245.jpg][Image: 20210226-171254.jpg][Image: 20210226-171259.jpg][Image: 20210226-171307.jpg][Image: 20210226-171311.jpg][Image: 20210226-171323.jpg][Image: 20210226-171417.jpg]

Woah those are really impressive figure drawings and studies^^. You probably hear this a lot, but they're so flowy UoU. Are you planning on making anything from imagination soon?
Nice one man, really hitting the anatomy and figure stuff hard!I really admire the consistency and dedication! Beautiful sketch pages too.

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@Zaula thanks im glad you like my studies. I do a lot of sketches from imagination too but nothing finishing yet.

@JyonnyNovice Thanks I put a lot of effort into studying human figures and I still have a lot to learn


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