Handsome Korean's Sketchbook
(03-27-2020, 10:07 AM)chubby_cat Wrote: Just a couple of ideas:
- Try leaving the face until last. The whole concept of 'saving the best for last' where you do all the "boring" things before the exciting part in hopes it keeps you motivated.
- Experiment with using masks to cover the faces. Your sketchbook has a medieval/fantasy theme, so there's so many cool design things you could do with masks (you could also look at making masks as doing  material studies of sorts).
- Draw more full body images. Everything is cut off at the waist/chest or is a bust. If you want to stop focusing on the faces, you need to stop doing portrait style compositions.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing more!! :)
agreed 100%. Gonna draw some backgrounds with little face for my next peice
[Image: iAmb4fD.jpg]
Seriously great stuff man! Love how you paint the faces and your color choices.
Reminds me of some portrait art from old Bioware and Black Isle games, but with a more modern look.
Lil note for yourself the armor chest piece doesn't seem to follow the correct perspective the further side shouldm't be higher than the nearest side.The problem i think is making ellipse in perspective You should at least correct the ellipse.I would advise you go back and do some ellipse in perpestive as practice.

For the rest pretty spot on.

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