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JosephCow, thanks mate, here's some more :)

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I really enjoy your recent studies and how your rendering skills become more refined and precise with each piece. You are growing at an amazing rate!

Keep up the great work! :)
(04-02-2021, 07:59 AM)one_two Wrote: JosephCow, thanks mate, here's some more :)

So pretty!  Shock

Kaiko, JosephCow, thanks for kind words guys. Felt like doing one more.

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That one massive tree or it just me?I think there some problem with scale readability here.The size of the road to tree ratio seem to suggest that i am just not sure if that the intention so just wanna bring this up in case.

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darktiste, yes, it's a tree

want to paint landscapes these days, for some reason

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yoooo that first painting????!??!?!?!?


ok wait im new to forums i didn't realize that was a while ago LOL. These landscapes are beautiful, I love your brushwork it's so effortless, thank you for sharing :")

You have some great stuff here , I love the colours in the landscape that's at the top of this page


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