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Full Version: Mr. Toodles sketch book
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[Image: WI.jpg]

My very first digital painting that i'm working on (woo)

[Image: lemonguy.jpg]

A quick sketch I did that I plan on finishing after my first piece
[Image: panda.jpg]

[Image: environment3.jpg]

[Image: environment5.jpg]

[Image: environment6.jpg]
[Image: skull-practice.gif]
[Image: Untitled-3.jpg]
Super fast, loose, and silly sketches lol
[Image: Untitled-1-Recovered.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-4-Recovered.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-1-1.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-7-Recovered.jpg]
figure drawing stuff yay
[Image: sketch4.jpg]
[Image: sketch3.jpg]
[Image: sketch2.jpg]
[Image: sketch1.jpg]
[Image: sketch.jpg]
little revisit after doing gestures

[Image: sketch5.jpg]
Keep up the hard work Toodles. Keep doin those Loomis studies, will help you out later for sure.
2-5 mins sketches i did this afternoon lol
[Image: sketch%209_zps8cb58149.jpg]
[Image: sketch%2010_zps9f21c7af.jpg]
[Image: sketch%2011_zps57adf20b.jpg]
[Image: sketch%2012_zpse78cdd9c.jpg]


I think the lines on those new sketches are better, but is your tablet glitchy? There are some straight lines all over. You should try updating your drivers.
whoa two updates in one night?! thats right im gonna be doin this more often I feel like I should start trying to make some more refined work to go with all those studies im doing

gonna be working on this guy for my final piece for the goldenboy challenge

[Image: sketch13.jpg]
same character just reworked the point of this month of practice was to add fluid movement to my figures and keep them assymetrical even while standing still so heres the gesture of my final piece gonna keep working on it later tonight

[Image: sketch14.jpg]
Ok, so here's the finished version of the figure above. This will be my submission for the goldenboy challenge, along with all of the studies in my partner thread as a base for how far I've come this month.

my goal was to learn figures and so far i think I've done a pretty good jerb :D
[Image: sketch14-1.jpg]

and here's more of the same with some silly lighting of the form i'm trying to build
[Image: sketch14lighting.jpg]
Some early fast loose sketches for the polycount dota 2 contest

So heres what im going with for the polycount dota 2 challenge
This is chens mount I made my own design proportionate to the model in game currently

Mother trucking armor for this monster. More chen stuff


Done with all my designs f-yeah did em all in one day that was a gauntlet

Baase mesh for my mount this projects gonan be fun!

[Image: basemount.jpg]
Hi rez final chen mount

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