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Improving man, Keep it up!

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I had to add more to yesterday's work, also tweaked it up a bit.
I used a ref for the lighthouse, other building and foreground.

Great start to a sketchbook mate, theres already some prity nice stuff going on here. That latest environment study is already a step up! My only advice is to keep hammering those fundermentals. The values especially, perhaps try taking some film caps or photos and greyscaling them to black and white and working from them, and still lifes of course. Your doing great dude, stay sharp and i look forward to seeing more of your progress soon ;)

Yes i know i really need to tackle values, I'm trying to understand them, watched some streams (some reply) to understand how it is done.
While I was doing this one I had the idea, as I'm also studying anatomy on paper, to do a digital body, paint the values and color it.
So I have multiple studies :)
You will see it coming.

Thank you for the "greyscaling them to black and white" tip, so easy and i didn't though about it.
Will do for sure!

Hey good work and improvement going on in here! Im not a pro but I did a very quick paint over of your light house image. I made a stream of it about 30 mins long here paintover stream if you wanna check it out. And the painted over image :). hope it's of some help to you, and sorry for the bad audio quality. Keep up the hardwork!

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Well the overpaint is very kind!
When i look at my work this morning I saw that the seabirds on the right where a bit out of proportions :)
Vous m'avez bien aidez, merci beaucoup!

I did the tips you gave me.

First a warm up that didn't go as good is i wanted, no ref

Then my very first try at grayscale painting.
AT the start it was so hard, first i had trouble with the shape, also with wich scale to use.
First to light, then to dark.
But I didn't want to give up, it's hard but I need to go.
And after a while of keeping doing the strokes it kinda went well..

I need to find the technique, I kept rectify my grayscales.
I tought I started with a medium scale but it was to light etc.
With pratice it will come I hope :)

Anyway here it is

Your neck is too thin this time .

If you draw a man who have muscles like that, you need to give him trapeze like in this picture http://www.anatomie0.com/dessin-corps-humain.jpg
(Don't know if it's the word in english for "trapèze" in french)

[Image: VhRxO.jpg]

Hope it helped, anatomy is my weakness for the moment (:

You should test the level in photoshop to give more contrast to your study.
But it will come with time. It was hard for me too at the beginning.

Thank you, yes it helps me a lot.
But I don't understand what you mean with
"You should test the level in photoshop to give more contrast to your study."?

[Image: X62yT.jpg]

You're learning, so it's best if you learn how to use values without using it, but you can use it to test and see if you can go further in your contrasts or not.
I personally, use it at the end.

Hey man, good progress so far!
Nice improvement there. You should add a back and side view to those proportions studies, maybe even a 3/4 front and 3/4 back views (using the same proportion lines).
Light house looks awesome, good work man. One thing that's noticeable is your anatomy, specifically the torso area. keep pushing those anatomy studies. Also if you haven't studied the Loomis books already check them out here, http://www.alexhays.com/loomis/ Thanks to Dennis for showing me that.
I've done a bit of the figure drawing book, and it considerably helped my understanding of proportion. I still have a long way to go but I did notice it helped a great deal. Reminds me I gotta push through it, even if it is a drag sometimes lol.

Keep it up man, I'm looking forward to continue watching your progression :)

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Thanks for watching my SB and comment.
So many things to study and to improve, don't know where to start :)
Were is the time to draw?
No I'm joking, but I have to tackle a lot, values, anatomy, perspective Are the things I focus on now.

I have some Loomis books, and I have planned to start with those too :)

Good job on the studies Warre. Remember that as artists our goal to learn and constantly improve is an ongoing one, don't feel overwhelmed as when you study one of those things you can learn things from the others as well. Such as with drawing anatomy you begin to understand perspective a bit better when you draw it, values when you paint the anatomy etc. Keep up the hard work!

I thought i replied to you Jonhop, seems not.
Thank you, those words are tru.

Parrot study, they have such great colors.
+/- 30 min with ref


Nice man, you are getting great progress. As they have already told you, keep an eye on anatomy, sometimes the proportions and sizes of some body parts are a bit off, but you will get to it if you keep pushing :) I dont know if you have read Andrew Loomis books, they are really useful! :)

También se habla español!
Thank you, yes I'm reading them.
I have to work on my proportion for sure, it's harder than it looks :)

those recent ones are looking good, i can see improvement already :)

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