Badbaddog's sketchbook
Hey guys,
So I got around to making this sketchbook thing, whoo! 
I guess this is also the place where I put a link to my portfolio? For the background check.

So I've been drawing since I can remember, but I took on digital painting (with the aim of doing concept art for games) in 2007, I think? I was really into it for all these years but recently it kinda stopped. I was basically stagnating for a year or two maybe. I was doing this graduation thang and didn't get around to doing much sketching, studying etc. Was also really dissapointed with the model of acquiring feedback (getting just "likes" on facebook/deviantart and the like) and stopped posting anything for a long time. Then I took some comissions and later found myself drawing without really improving. This has been going on for a while, until I discovered this forum, which really inspired me to get into this awesome learning mode which I loved so much back when I was starting. I've decided to really push myself to get better now, do all these excercises I never really did and really get into it, just like the old times ;)
Let's do it:

A problem that was always bugging me is that every portrait I do sucks. Especially female portraits.
Never really gave it too much thought, but recently I was also told every girl I paint looks the same, so I decided to fix it.
Here are some sketches (yaaaaaay for re-acquainting myself with the traditional sketchbook, too) from imagination. Tried to diversify it as much as I could, still trying to make it look good. Tried to keep up with the speed, too. Damn is this hard. It always look super cartoony, and I don't want it to.

Also, here's a quick illustration while we're at it, in the spirit of doing stuff. I was mainly concentrating on the materials on her garment to look good while trying to do it fast.

I would really appreciate all the feedback \ (•◡•) / Thanks!

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
I love it! Your lines are really bold and expressive, but leaving just enough room to put in detail.

Personally I learned a lot by watching Sycra's "Understanding the Planes of the Face Using Ellipses" ( ) Might help you out aswell.
Thanks a lot! I've checked the tutorial and yeah, it had a lotta useful information!
My biggest problem tho is that drawing portraits from reference is infuriating since it looks like an abomination instead of a pretty lady.
So right now I guess I need to just draw till my eyes bleed. Yup.
Thanks again! Always great to hear some actual feedback. Omg I thought this stuff is gone from the internets.

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
Welcome to daggers newblood. Dont forget to apply your studies and also try to replicate a study from memory.

Awesome lines man, they remind me of wes and marko a bit, super lose, really organic.

Hey man welcome aboard! Hope you will enjoy this forum, with all the awesome peoples around (myself included .. joking) Hahaha!

Looking forward to see more stuffs.
Really nice sketches.
The last painting looks like its for a videogame :D

Thanks a lot guys! Yeah I'll try to update this every 1-3 days.
@Gliger who's Wes and Marko?

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
Wesley Burt and Marko Djurdjevic

oh my god you gotta be kidding me these are like drawing gods.


[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
Hey guys!
Recently I tried this one study:

Wasn't satisfied (NEWS FLASH!), also got bored with the overwhelming lack of action, so decided to go for an illustration, strictly for fun. Well, I may have tried to recreate a face study from memory. Who knows?

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
JESUS O_O that last illustration
I don't have much to say, I assume the girl is grabbing the creature from his lure (looks angler fish-ish) but it kind of feels like she's grabbing him from his ear or some kind of handle in is head.
Awesome work

Signing off for today, so here's an artwork dump:

some fast mech sketches just to warm up my hands. Run into a FZD video and thought why not. The first one turned out super stupid, but whaddyado.

Also, here's a character sheet. It's heavily inspired by Mythrilgolem's vader concepts, tried as hard as i could not to make them too identical, but i failed miserably. I guess I just had to get it out of my system.

Thanks for any feedback everyone!

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
Dang you have some great stuff! I really like the last illustration you did, it's very impressive for being from imagination. I feel like you're probably done with it, but I'm going to critique it anyway hahah. The context of the scene and the pose of the girl don't entirely mesh. Going by the pose, it looks like she just slashed the creature's throat, but if that were the case there should be blood splurting everywhere. If it's meant to be that she pulling her arm back and is about to stab the creature, then her face would probably be turned to look down at her target.

I'm really digging your stuff, keep posting more!

Hello man, welcome!

I took a look at your portfolio. I really liked what I saw. You have cool characters :)
I'll try to follow your sketchbook.

Keep working

Cool stuff baddog, like the black and white work, would like to see that illustration done, looks like it would be good to finish, nice job on the fdz studies.

Hey, nice sketchbook!

Neat stuff and very expressive lines, it makes it interesting to look at! I really like those silhouettes too! Keep em coming :)

New stuff!
Oh my god, it's been ages since I've posted here, but i really really really don't want my sketchbook to die D:
I'm going full freelance in THREE DAMN DAYS. Gonna be working from home, so more time for scheduled, daily studies!
So, here's a thing:

no studies, no nothing, but used this as painting reference:

All in all, not much, but I'm super happy I managed to do a personal in between work, so I got that going for me.

I feel like this with all that painting output speed:

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
The last one looks really great I can feel the cold weather. It just needs some polishing. Keep up the good work, you are doing great.


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