Nyra's Sketchbook
Well finally I make my first sketchbook in this forum *cheers* :D.
I was kind of scared because I thought I may not be able to keep up the updates but screw this I am just gonna do it!

Here I go! 047

So a little overview of my stuff, some studies some speedys and the first one is a WIP
[Image: cw2gq.jpg]
[Image: yolBt.jpg][Image: V7lT7.jpg]
[Image: P8TSF.jpg][Image: zTet7.jpg]
[Image: FWC0D.jpg][Image: bUJBZ.jpg]
[Image: MooQQ.jpg]
Great sketchbook entrance

Great start! That caterpillar piece is really nice, I think it could be a really great piece if you pushed it to a more polished state. I think pushing your values more too include the full range and really working on the shadow and light could bring it closer to a finished illustration.

Keep working hard and posting!

Thank you James!
@JonHop: Thanks and I think you're right I really should get back and work some more on it :).

So here's a skull study from life. I also recorded the process and made a video http://youtu.be/Fk3fTD5f-Mg
[Image: 0inY0.jpg]
Welcome to the forums Nyra. Your work is looking good so far, a nice variety of studies and personal work. Top one with the lobster head dress is my favorite so far; a really good idea. Keep it up.

Thanks Dennis!
So, the head is finished for the moment. I could render so much more and keep working on it but I am sick of it right now so I keep him like that.
Also did some quick sketches.

[Image: PFyXk.jpg]
[Image: zcizA.jpg]
So I played too much GW2 lately but I try to get back and draw some more.
I reworked the contrast color and added some details to the worm.
[Image: X6xBP.jpg?1]
A very rough and quick sketch
[Image: x2xny.jpg]
A portrait from imagination with my mesmer in mind :D
[Image: JRtNN.jpg]
A quick study
[Image: tf3EP.jpg]
So here's some stuff from my sketchbook. Sorry about the quality but there's no better way for me than photographing it with my cellphone.
[Image: Pvhje.jpg][Image: rNYHd.jpg][Image: IVU1K.jpg][Image: M7QVK.jpg][Image: NL612.jpg][Image: pKmMo.jpg][Image: G42aQ.jpg][Image: RnjQX.jpg][Image: vtAPf.jpg][Image: pUPdx.jpg][Image: MVbO9.jpg]
[Image: YVe8i.jpg][Image: 427G7.jpg][Image: 5D2dg.jpg]
Nice amount of work, i like how happy those worms in the rain are xD. Keep getting it done!

good studies

Thank you!
Working on a new piece
[Image: v7Gy6.jpg]
Good studies.
The skull is impressive!

Thank you Warre!

So here's a little update of the girl.
Time to work some more on her face, her body and the lighting.
[Image: 0AYyV.jpg]
Time for a updateeeeeee (hate her face at the moment :/)
[Image: 1FdN0.jpg]
I like the concept of your last work.
The wings have too much of a 2D look, it doesn't fit with the rest of the painting.

great studies, the skull i nicely done.
I also like the colors you use.

Thank you Fincks and Warre! You're right about the wings and I didn't even see it. I tried to improve them but I don't really know if it's better right now.

So played a bit around, improved the face a lot in my opinion and tried out a new form of the wings, but I don't really know if I keep them like that or change them back to the original one.
What do you think?
[Image: VA40t.jpg]
So I think I'm done and hopefully I do some more sketches and other stuff ;)

[Image: kRH32.jpg]
So back to more sketchy stuff and what's better than the first self portraits I've ever done?... so strange painting yourself xD
[Image: yBQ2s.jpg]
[Image: RbQ6r.jpg]

I think I'll do some more of them in the future :D
Another daily self portrait :D
[Image: UAVBm.jpg]

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