Sula's Sketchbook
Thanks Wolken!

Here, being more than a fangirl than an aspiring freelancer lately, hopefully can still call it practice :p

[Image: Loki01.jpg]

First time coloring a pencil sketch in a long time...

[Image: loki01a.jpg]

Enough now.

You have a lovely touch with a pencil Ursula, lots of varied marks and a solid confidence.

Thank you Ninja :) I do hope so, I do not really feel confidence in it yet :(

Some studies for a next painting.
[Image: SB-31.jpg]
[Image: SB-32.jpg]
[Image: SB-33.jpg]
[Image: SB-34.jpg]
[Image: SB-35.jpg]
[Image: SB-36.jpg]

Wow, beautiful sketches! your studies are also great, keep up that good work! :)

So! Seems I will need to embrace a little extra freelance for the next week. I think I will slow down updates with this :(

Here is a little sketch, for fun. I am almost understanding how this lightning setup works.. but not good enough yet.

[Image: Salvaged-sketch-04.jpg]

Quick update.
I had my first try with real media yesterday. Got a couple of acrylics paints as a gift :) It was fun to use, a lot to learn, looks like a real challenge.
Now back to boring real life stuff that leaves no time for personal studies.

[Image: Acrylics-01.jpg]

From life

[Image: Life-painting-04.jpg]

Ah well.
At least trying to get likeness right is sort of taking me somewhere.
I hope.

[Image: SB-37.jpg]
Otherwise, I regret nothing anyway.

The face on the left looks good! The only thing that throws me off is that the left eye (his right) looks a lot bigger than the other eye. The face on the right is kind of off since the ears and chin don't line up with each other.
Like Ninjac was saying you handle graphite very well. Keep up the good work!
Spent the afternoon with faces again, this is the best page of it.
Trying to do this nice and slowy are measuring everything, but pfft... Anyway. Going back to the exercises on the book now.

[Image: SB-38.jpg]


i am just blown away by your skill *gets blown away*
I like the star necklace study, the metal came out nice =D
Thank you guys <3

However, If I don't get this faces right I am going to quit sleeping to practice more, seriously.
[Image: SB-39.jpg]
[Image: SB-40.jpg]

love the girl/night portrait and the still life looks great.

Thanks Brent!

After reading again Dan's post about one year livestreaming, it's time to pick up the pace and stop slacking.

[Image: Personal-01.jpg]

I am going to need to buy a faster scanner. While I cannot tolerate it, have a digital study.

[Image: Photo-study-05.jpg]
I was at a comic convention all day so the Loki urge took over again. I feel only slightly ashamed.
I am focusing hard on getting people likeness though, and fuck, I cant get it right. So please, tell me how to get my likeness right if you know how to. Thank you.

Awww, since last time I checked you've updated it quite a bit : )
I like your traditional drawing skills, the still life is simply awesome as well as the portraits. For that last girl with magic miss more intensity on the special effects since seems to be fire, keep it up Sula, you're doing great!

Ursula, I had (and a bit still have) the same problem as You. I'm pretty bad when it comes to shape recognition, but I realized it mostly comes from my hastyness - I'm very impatient when it comes to the first phase of making the illustration, that is establishing the shape. My piece of advice would be to cool your head and approach the problem with calm precision. Analyse the shapes, what makes them characteristic and what is different in your image from the source. The key are eyes and a little space around them. This is a place where we focus our sight when we look at a face. Next is the relation between eyes, nose, mouth and the shape of the chin.

I'd also recommend You to study with a pencil and focus on the shape and values, rather than colors. They are secondary. good shape with bad rendering still looks better than bad shape with good rendering.

Hope that helps <3

Thanks Isra :) If I ever load that file again, I'll retouch it lol

Piotr: Thank you man. I am impatiente, true. I am trying to do everything in one sitting, and that is probably my problem. I have been taking my sweet time with my portrait sketches, and, its working! Thanks for the advice. It does helps to listen to it from someone else.

Today's quick dirty sketch
Focusing so hard in getting the face right that everything felt apart
[Image: Salvaged-sketch-05.jpg]

Great work Ursula, these studies are really paying off. Keep up the great work.


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