Sula's Sketchbook
@Dennis: Oooh monster rancher! Thats right. Haven't heard from that one in a long time, but I do remember it heh.

Here, a wip.
Trying to get the lines right before even going to the next step. Lots of fixing to work on tomorrow.
Crits are very welcome :) Planning to post this on the critiques session when the lines are more tight.
[Image: Library-01.jpg]

cool stuff, looking forward to the latest piece to be rendered :D

Here's today little silly life painting. I intend to polish it a bit more tomorrow.
[Image: Life-painting-04a.jpg]

Lots of red missing on his skin...
And haha yeah, bad lightning is bad, but good for spoting grays. Way too much gray for too little image.

(bonus reference cheap webcam shot. :p I am painting from life, as you see)
[Image: Ao9CPR9CAAEDnM1.jpg]

<3 x2. to make 5 characters or more

I was going to polish this a bit more, but the recent D&D art test/contest sort of made me shift focus.

BUT SICKBRUSH! The challenge is still accepted heheeh >:)

[Image: Life-painting-04b.jpg]

[Image: SB-10.jpg]

I don't even know what I am doing. Most of my planned and though through sketches today sucked balls.

[Image: Salvaged-sketch-02.jpg]

Pretty sure I am doing this backwards, but hey.
Here is a WIP:
[Image: DnD-shaman-01.jpg]

Now off to practice and daily gestures.

Slow progress
[Image: DnD-shaman-02.jpg]

cool, I like his pose. I reckon you can make his cast shadow on the tent more menacing tho to enhance the story elements

@Rich4rt: Thanks bro, I will keep that in mind :D I still have some smoke planned, so the shadows are sort of background. But who knows, need to test it to see if it works.

The problem with only having 2-3h/day to study - if you do a warmup sketch, it may take away more than half of your available time :|

[Image: Salvaged-sketch-03.jpg]


[Image: DnD-shaman-03.jpg]

Slow and steady.
Man, I wish I had more time per day to work on this.
Also, slightly bigger image, damn you 500px wide.

[Image: DnD-shaman-04.jpg]

That ogre piece is looking really nice, will be awaiting the finished product!

Agh, really, I NEED to paint someday a piece with such a beautiful lighting like your ogre. It's something personal, because I look at those pieces and I love them. Can't wait to see the final result <3

Wow love that orgre! Is that a model of Ryuk i see sulking in the corner in the pic of luigi? <3 that guy..

And thankyou for visiting my sketchbook, your advice was greatly appreciated and not an intrusion at all. Just a small question (asked in in SB but you will def check here :D) when working in 4B for the mass shapes, which I assume you did with your sketches, when you go to sharpen the image with the finer lines, do you use a harder pencil or still the 4B? Hope that made sense, sorry its late lol...

Anyway, thanks again for the visit :)

Oh yay, thanks for stopping by guys!

@Jaik, I just got to your sketchbook ;)
@Isra-ac: thanks! If real life lets me, it will be done soon heh.
@Giant Panda: thanks :D

Here is a bigger update. Yay for going nuts. I don't know if all the changes will stay, but it is certainly more lively now. There is still going to be smoke from his fire pot, that will help push the background apart from him. Now I need to add details on the ogre itself :)

[Image: DnD-shaman-05.jpg]

Wonderful sketchbook, Sula. Keep it up!

@Piotr: Thanks man!

Still working~
Say hi to my husband ^^

[Image: DnD-shaman-06.jpg]

is this for the dnd art test?, its looking good.


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