Sula's Sketchbook
Is there a deadline for this contest?

@Piotr: Thats the link for the official info. Jon Schindehette mentioned april 30 here: Hope that helps :)

And here! Finally had the time to enjoy some quality time with this one. Also, taxes.
The smoke is a mere sketch at this moment, but the last hour messing with it didn't produce anything worth, so I'll rest and take a look at is tomorrow.

Also, I am starting to really enjoy PS CS6.
[Image: DnD-shaman-07.jpg]

Thanks Sula! Your illustration looks really good, very nice composition, depth and colors. I'd work a little more on the face, though (some highlights and texture on the skin to make it look rough).

@Piotr: took your advice! Thanks :)

Here, one last review round before calling it done! All crits appreciated.

[Image: DnD-shaman-08.jpg]

Looks amazing! Don't see much to crit. The legs do look a bit funky, but not really too noticeable. Great work Sula!

Thanks Dennis :D

Aaaannd here is final. Dave gave me a nice free tip today on Dan's streams ;) Thanks Dave!
Promise it's the last time about this one. Tomorrow, back to studies!

[Image: DnD-shaman-09.jpg]

Looks great Sula! One thing that comes to my mind, is that, from what I understand, this contest is more about the design/specific style rather than illustration. Maybe it would be good to add some stuff to his clothing?

Love it, it has great mood to it.
@Vigil: Thanks man :)
@Piotr: yeah, I should've planned better for that, actually. My mystake, thanks for noting me. Time is up on that one, time to move on you know.

Quick dirty enviro studies.
Time has been really short this days, so they are under an hour each. Trying to figure out atmospheric/aerial perspective, since my sketchs from failures about that have been complete failures.

It's really hard for me to actually see the gray color for what it is, so this is involving more guessing that I feel comfortable with.

[Image: Enviro-01.jpg]
[Image: Enviro-02.jpg]

Everything is so off with this one I shouldn't even bother showing lol
[Image: Enviro-03.jpg]

Slightly better than last time, still a long way to go though.
Seems I will be doing this a lot the next days. Feels like a spot that needs to be scratched.

[Image: Enviro-04.jpg]

Had some free time at work today, and got an OK from the boss to use it practicing :)

[Image: Enviro-05.jpg]

Do You plan to do the environmental challange?

@Piotr: I want to, but I doubt I can render anything portfolio worthy. I am really inexperienced in it, however, going to give it a shot anyway :) Gotta start somewhere.

[Image: Photo-study-04.jpg]

really awesome stuff here!
only thing i would say in relation to your studys is that your rendering looks great, but the proportions seem to be a bit off in a few, but they seem fine in your personal work so keep it up! :)

@Mindwrack: Thanks man :D I have been focusing a lot on drawing and shape perception. Hopefully it will show sometime in the near future ^^

[Image: Screencap03.jpg]

Quick dirty application during lunch time at work :)
[Image: ScreencapApplication03.jpg]

Good work with those portraits! :)

Hey Isra, thank you <3

So! Big huge image dump. I do not have a sketchbook, I work on sheets of paper, so I may have messed the timeline on this one. Anyway, from older to newer, from the past 6 weeks, some sort of random/I kinda like it selection from my daily scribbles.

[Image: SB-11.jpg]
[Image: SB-12.jpg]
[Image: SB-13.jpg]
[Image: SB-14.jpg]
[Image: SB-15.jpg]
[Image: SB-16.jpg]
[Image: SB-17.jpg]
[Image: SB-18.jpg]
[Image: SB-19.jpg]
[Image: SB-20.jpg]
[Image: SB-21.jpg]
[Image: SB-22.jpg]
[Image: SB-23.jpg]
[Image: SB-24.jpg]
[Image: SB-25.jpg]
[Image: SB-26.jpg]
[Image: SB-27.jpg]
[Image: SB-28.jpg]
[Image: SB-29.jpg]
[Image: SB-30.jpg]

beautiful sketches, Sula. Keep it up!


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