Lungcell's draws and paints
StarDust - thanks dude, I appreicate it :)

Here are some more still lives. These are really starting to stick in my head now. I'm trying to slow down and be more thoughtful and selective.

That chicken is most certainly deserving of being a portfolio piece, great job!

Your pencils are making me pretty jealous, man. I'm killing for some hard clean, crisp lines such as yours.

Glad to see you posting more here. Keep going and growing! :D

Some nice stuff you have here! Great work on the still life paintings. Some of your other paintings look a bit too airbrushy/soft (maybe just to me). Needs a bit more edge control. One amazing example that I can think of off the top of my head now is Jaime Jones. (<-- clickable) Check him out!

Man, I gotta say I envy the hell of those anatomy studies, I wish I could get more patience to do all the coloring on the muscles, the results are awesome. I dig your metal studies too, although one crit if you don't mind on the chicken guard it needs a lil bit of specular highlight, the armor looks a tad plastic'y', but if that's what you were going for, spot on!

Shit, and keep posting more anatomy too, love 'em!

Awesome stuff dude, love how you applied the armour studies to the chicken dude and the imaginary moleskine sketches are awesome. Only crit (which isn't really a crit) is the perspective seems a little weird on that second glass study, looks like the bottom part of the glass (closest to us) should be more foreshortened. Although you obviously was studying it for the material, so just ignore what I said, I'm an ass haha.

Archreux Cheers man, glad you like the pencils - here are a few more :)
Raz Thanks for crits on the airbrushed look, dude! I definitely took it in mind when doing these still lives, and trying to keep more edges Jaime does.
Rafa You're spot on about the armour, dude. I got a paintover crit last week and he mentioned it looked a bit flat too, so I'm reworking it tonight!
Will Glad you liked the chicken! You're right about that perspective crit on the glass, someone else mentioned it on facebook too. Keep them crits coming, it's the only way I'll learn haha ;)

Some sketchbooks from imagination, hogarth studies and still lives.

Two photo studies. Not really giving myself enough time with these… Really having a hard time with painting :( I have some anatomy sketches I'll scan in aswell.

Yes! Fucking awesome studies man, that hair! Grays!!!! Hmmmmm, graaaays, LOVE 'EM!

Rafa Thanks dude! :)

No paint studies today, just anatomy updates and a rough screenshot of something I'm working on :)

I'm pretty amazed at the forearm studies and the fact that the Latin names and shapes are actually sticking in my brain, and staying there; just from repeating them again and again and breaking it down into bitesize bits and trying to solve their puzzle. It's exciting when studying starts to pay off, all of this illustration stuff starts to feel achievable.

Still trying to go a bit loosey goosey.

Been lazy. Grrr with me.

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Silly sketch before bed. Key word was "Language".
Also, I've started using my second monitor and I've realised that my Macbook screen might be super dark :O

I was studying the other side of being an illustrator: being self-employed, keeping accounts, taxes etc. All that fun stuff :| Along with studying for my driving test. So no art study today, here's some Hogarth's from Monday along with a picture of my lovely figure drawing book that I got today! YAY :D

Short on time this evening. Trying to be Richard Schmid ;_; This one seems a lot darker on my Mac screen, which I used for this, than on my second monitor.

I've been fucking off again :|
Here's my Cosmoonaut from the studies I did ages ago. Studying Hogarth a lot too. More to come.

Hogarth is making me his bitch haha.

I love the space cow, and I really like how the glass still lives turned out. Keep up the good stuff!
I read that as Hodor is making me his bitch for some reason.

[Image: hodor7.gif]

Really love that first character in this last post. Keep it comin'!

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Hey man, welcome back!
Delicious stuff as usual, your rendering makes my mouth foam.
Only crit is that you went away, need to post more!


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