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Hi guys :)

My name is Niall. I've been arting away for a good while and I finally decided that it was time to start some serious study, if I wanted to get anywhere. I was a bit shy about posting but I finally plucked up the courage to do it. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it updated regularly :) I'll post some work and study from the last 2-3 months, just to get started with.

Some gesture drawing to get the day started. This scanner is quite strong, so bringing out the lines required a bit of butchering - sorry about the quality :/

Hey lungcell, I'm glad you decided to post your studies/ drawings - they're looking really nice! Keep this going!

Hey foxflake, thanks for the kind words and encouragement :D Short update before bed, beginning some work on hands - drawing by tablet is a lot slower than on paper but the practice is worth it :S

I've been a bit slack since Christmas time! I've kept up the study but some of it is on paper and I'll need a scanner to post it. I got my first pocket moleskin too, which I'm beginning to start using when I'm out in the city and have even the smallest of time to kill. It's great to get over that fear of public drawing :) Currently it's mostly being filled with what I see on the bus - the back's of people's heads haha.

Like your hand studies, what (or whom) do you learn from? Great you're up to sketch in public, there's so much to see there :) Keep it up!

Thanks foxflake, I'll post up some moleskin stuff now that I discovered my housemate has a scanner :) The hand studies are from Loomis' “How to Draw the Head and Hands". There's some stuff from Hogarth too.

Gesture drawing and study from this evening. That ball kicked my ass :/ But I learned some little things about light and about taking your time.

I got my first ever pocket moleskin recently and I've taken to using it while on the bus to work or my girlfriend's house. Drawing on the bus is very tricky :/

Awesome sketchbook man!

And you're my hero from being able to draw on the bus. I've tried. Its fucking impossible.

Haha, thanks Ursula :) Yeah the bus is a challenge in itself! But I've found that the roads I live on outside of the city are smoother. If the traffic is a bit heavy, it won't shudder too much and if I take my time and be careful, I can get maybe 10/15 mins of sketching in. Pretty soon the pages add up - you should try it again :)

I had a look through sketchbook, your work is brilliant - keep it up!

Another sphere study from the other night along with a doodle trying to apply the lighting setup. I really struggled with the edge between the light and the middle/core shadows. Not sure how to blend it properly or what's the best approach. Darks then lights on top or...? The values on the underside were going ok, so a little progress at least :)

LungCell You have great comps and great concepts. Try drawing on a subway. It jerks left and right and stops and goes all the time. It's a pain in the ass. But it's nice because its teaching me how to have more control over what I draw, and makes me take things slow. haha.

Thanks Tyler for the kind words :) Yeah I'd love to try sketching on the subway, but Ireland doesn't even have a one haha. I always imagine they're great places where you'd see the most interesting people. You're right that it's a blessing itself because it's drawing in public so you confront that fear and it challenges your ability for control.

Here's more work. I need to up my output again because I'm slowing down. That gesture page was a bit of a breakthrough. I'm journeying down the road of surface texture too..

Studies from yesterday along with some bus sketchbooks of the last few days. I think I might go somewhere else that doesn't shudder as much, to draw people. The novelty of the bus was nice, but I'd like to get some well done sketches.

Love that black-and-white material study and that colour studies from your last post seem to be a good idea, did it help you?

Thanks foxflake :) Yeah the palette studies were interesting and helpful in imagining colour palettes. I got the idea from<a href="">here</a>.

Some updates from yesterday. Trying to get a hang of edges and of painting one into the other.

Was busy with some stuff today so I managed only to get a few hours in before bed. I really like drawing hands and I really want to master expressing them. Some nice sketchbook doodles for something else too :)

It's been a long while since I posted!
I went to Edinburgh for a week with my girlfriend, which was excellent. I'll post up sketches when I scan my book tomorrow. In the meantime I've up my study a lot. I'll post what I like from the last 2 weeks. Trying to get a better handle on values.

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Great job so far, pretty easy to tell you are headed in the right direction.

Nice! Love your hand studies! Also love the girls with the Afro hair, its cute!
Leia and dwalkerart, thanks for the encouragement! :D

A personal sketch first. Some anti-grav pilots scold another. I'm gonna finish this over the weekend.



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