Lungcell's draws and paints
Hypnagogic_Haze: Thanks man! :) Yeah the seahorse man is a study of piece by Liu Xue. Great sculptor!


A noble family :) I drew inspiration from Russian clothes and fabergé eggs. I was thinking that while a chick is incubating, they decorate their shells. Then when the little one hatches, the parents keep the egg shell pieces, maybe in a scrapbook or something; like how human parents keep a lock of hair from their child's first haircut.

A study for a new piece. Doing badly on these, gwar…

Trying to keep things regular, so just a small study from today.

Cool stuff lungcell, anatomy and characters are all looking really solid!
construction: thanks dude! :D

Here's another silly chicken character I'm working on. I started from values this time and I feel a bit more confident about it. Till I have to start painting on top :S

Hey! It's real nice to see some more posts from ya, man.

Great improvement since last time. I can see how that egg study has really been having an influence on your work, haha. So many eggs, all the chickens, and birds. This last one is really awsome, too.

Don't stop that good twerk.

Thanks for the encouragement Archreux! I'm trying to develop a daily habit for updating :) Ha ha, until now I honestly had never even made the connection between the egg studies and the chickens…! *mind blown*

Today's study, trying to nail metal studies a bit more. But also trying to get a more impasto effect with the brush, and have less fear about painting. Painting is scary…

Beautiful studies buddy! And these designs are wonderful! :D

Eraiasu: thanks for your kind words man, I appreciate it a lot! :D

Updating with some imaginary moleskin drawings. MEW MEW!

More metal studies. Going to try applying to my chicken knight now.

Didn't get any study done today. Blah :( So here's some sketchbook pages from last week.

Some recent Hogarth studiesss :) Slowly but steadily working my way through his book.

Anatomy sketches from imagination this evening. Really struggling with shoulders and deltoids.

Had a bit of a breakthrough with this study. Colours are starting to click more in my brain I feel. But the presentation is shoddy, so I need to focus on that. Not to paint that fucking chicken…

Love those anatomy sketches man, especially the one girl with the robotic legs.

Will, thanks man - I'll try to do more of those loose sketches :)
Here's a quick sketchbook page from imagination, just to keep myself in the habit.

More Hogarth studies, figuring out arms now. Went to visit my gf over the weekend so my schedule got a bit wobbly.

Study from a game.

Moar studies :D
The still life was pretty short, about 40 mins, because the sun was starting to come out. But I haven't enjoyed a study like that in a while, I'm definitely going to do more. You really feel like you're learning little bits right from the source.
I'm also experimenting with working in total silence. I find that listening to podcasts, or lyrics or music is always occupying a certain portion of my brain, which isn't a help when I'm trying to learn. You need all your focus to learn and absorb as much as you can, and this way I can concentrate like a mofo.

A finished portfolio piece :)
Just a silly chicken guard. Felt like I made a step forward with this one.

Very well orchestrated variation in shape in this design.


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