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Hello! My name is Eleonor, I'm from Portugal and I joined in a few days ago after some months of ninja stalking the forum.

I should probably tell you something about my background, well I'm an art student! Currently working on a thesis for my Master's Degree in the Artistic Anatomy area. Because of that my time is limited - the thesis is my priority right now - but sometimes I procrastinate a bit and I draw and paint things I like.
Even though I've been an art student for quite some years I lack a lot of knowledge of the basics, so a few months ago I told myself to stop being a lazy ass and get on with it and I've been learning quite a few things.
I still have a looooong way to go but I'm actually okay with that and excited about everything that I still have to learn!

To start this sketchbook I'm going to post some older stuff and then the newer stuff.

I hope you like it and feel free to give me feedback, critiques are always welcome! I apologize in advance for any weird English/mistakes/bad grammar, it's not my first language and you're welcome to correct me on it as well!

Portrait Classes:


Concept for original character in Witcher 2's world. Nothing special but it was fun!

More Studies


Peacock study

Balin, one the The Hobbit's dwarves.

Random concept

Mass Effect fanart stuff

Study with low contrast

Dragon Age 2 companion's studies

And that's it for now! Sorry if it was too much. Thank you for your time! :)

Nice to meet you Eleonor, nice start to your sb, the studies look very well done! Keep working and posting!

Nika, you too! Thank you and I plan on it! :D

Here's a very quick study

Granny Rags and Sokolov from Dishonored

5 minute studies! Not something I do often at all but I should. And also a girl's face from memory.

Thanks for looking :)

Taking a break from the thesis AND Bloodsports to fail hard at doing a Sargent study. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea XD
I gave up halfway and then tried to work a bit more on the face. It was somewhat fun at least :)

Here's the original image:

Also I've been having some trouble with some colours on the screen, I tried to calibrate it but there's still something not completely right. It might be because I'm ignorant when it comes to that kind of stuff, or because it's a laptop, or both. Probably both.

Really love the stuff you got going on here, keep up the good work, when you get a min can you give mine a look

Classic painting studies are always hard for me too. Part of it is the texture from the brushes, but it's also the fact... They're damn masters.

Your line drawings are really great, and i think the characters are very unique. But I think you may benefit from using harder brushes with higher opacity on your renders, and only moving to the softer ones after the full value range is set. It feels like you go too soft too fast, and everything ends up feeling that way.

NickHuddleston: Thank you! :D Ahaha I will!

kindcrayons: First of all thank you for taking the time and for the words! Indeed, 'damn masters' is the right definition XD It was the first time I did a 'master study' so it's pretty okay to be crap, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't to be honest.
Concerning what you said about my work, you're absolutely correct. I've only been slightly aware of it recently from comparing other people's work to mine and realizing there was something really different about mine and it wasn't a good kind of different. So your words really make sense. I think part of it is my insecurity that shows, I make everything soft because I'm afraid to make mistakes, which is ridiculous and someone should punch me for it XD Anyway I completely understand what you mean and I will try my best to be bolder and stop being an insecure idiot and make mistakes because you learn from them. Which is something I know all too well.
Thank you very much for your words and sorry for the introspective rant XD

Decided to backpedal a bit. I had fun with this! I tried to focus on soft edges/hard edges but the reference is probably not the best and I will have to try it many more times before getting anywhere. More will come!

Another study!

Study in progress!

Finished the study. Had to do it really slowly because I had a busy couple of days. It was fun either way :D

I plan on eventually moving on to quick studies, figure studies, environment studies, colour studies, etc etc etc but we'll see how it goes :)

Here's the original image, fashion photography has the weirdest stuff, I love it XD

And for a slightly different thing, another study but bigger, with colour...and with water and mountains and stuff.

Everything here is out of my comfort zone, except I suppose, the lady, but she has colour so it's still a bit out of my comfort zone, especially with this type of light. It sucks but hey, still learning!

You can see the original image HERE - it's a stock photo from dA by kuoma-stock.

Thanks for looking!

I've been seriously lazy about updating stuff but I've got to do it sometime so here it goes!

Some studies:

Ref from

Ref from


Here's a WIP I forgot to update last time. I don't think I'll finish it but it was an interesting challenge nonetheless. Backgrounds are a pain the ass for me. Also light, liiiiiight damn light. That and colours. But I like to think that the fact that I can recognize what's wrong with an image made by me means I'm learning. Fixing what's wrong though, it's a bit of a different story XD All in due time!

Other than that I haven't done much, it's too hot and I can't do anything whether it's work or procrastinating. Sad times! :(

Thanks for looking!

Studies of women's faces, what's new?

Different approach and a different brush.


Really lovely studies! I especially like the lady on the lake, and feel you captured the fresh atmosphere and glowing light well, as well as her serenely happy expression.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


Tygerson: Thank you! :D That study was quite the adventure but I also like how it turned out. Glad you like it as well!

I haven't been very present in the forum lately and that will probably continue for 2 or 3 months, until I finish my thesis.
Still, sometimes I procrastinate a bit and draw/paint something to feel better - making a thesis is terribly frustrating.

Original Illustration:

and two quick studies:

That's all for now, thanks for looking!

Hi Eleonor,
First of all-what a gorgeous name :O
I really like your sketchbook so far, you have some beautiful portraits and studies here and I can already see that by the time you reach page 3 I will become your fan and stalk your work all the time. You are really doing this well and just keep on working like this ! :D

Cool stuff! I envy your eye! You catch the colors and shapes pretty well!
I'd love to see your original stuff, rather than only studies!
Anyway, great sketchbook start! Cheers!

First of all I'm sorry about my absence! Like I said in my last post I was finishing my thesis and I'm glad to say that after so much hard work it's done and delivered! That means I'm free now :D
And freedom is delicious :P

Toxicpanda: Wow, I have to say that every one of your words, even after all this time, bring a smile to my face. That is so amazingly good to hear! And I hope I live up to the expectations! Thank you for your kind comment and I'm glad you enjoy my work :D

Rognoll: That is so awesome to hear because I struggle a lot with colors and shapes! They're difficult! And you will see more of my original work from now on I think. I'm going to try and start doing 'smart studies' as in 'incorporate studies in my original work' and not just 'doing studies because yes'. Thank you very much for your comment! :D

I don't have many things yet because I've been so incredibly busy but I have some WIPs and I need to update this sketchbook - it's full of dust!

And that's it for now.
Here's 2 bonus pics of my thesis, I might show some of what I've done after the presentation! It's art related after all :)

That is all for today, thanks for looking! I will be more present here from now on!
Also, I'm going to try to do something for November 1st, the self-portrait day, that's going to be quite the challenge!


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