Sketches and paintings and ALLOT OF FUN!
Hey guys!

Ive been here for a week now and diddnt really have time to make a sketch page because of the Bloodsports !!

so here it is! :

Ill start off with my Bloodsport entree!

[Image: humanvormversion2.jpg]

[Image: beastmaster.png]

Soo after i finished this game i just felt like.. FUCKKKK whyy is it over why am i not working there :p haha, well hard work needed ofcourse, so i did a masterstudy of Sergeant and tried to aply the thing i learned from it.

here is a portrait from the character Elizabeth :

[Image: elizabethportrait.png]

hey guys!! ive done some anatomy studies on paper stil need to upload those but here are some studies and a sketch of an creature,

[Image: tigercreature.png]

[Image: schermafbeelding2013040j.png]

this masterpainting was really hard but i learned allot and you can see how i adapted the things i learned from it with the Bioshock Fan-art

[Image: schermafbeelding2013040ty.png]

Wow Great creature sketch ! I really liked your Hippo BS14 ;P

Can't wait to see moar :)

awesome work! i love the your bloodsport entry!! also that last creature is off the chain!!!
Sweet! Nice brush strokes
thanks guys really means allot and motivate me to work harder!! here is some more stuff i did today, one to understand anatomy in shapes and the other one adding drastic lighting to a piece

[Image: securingtheperimeter.png]

[Image: bodyshapestudy.jpg]

any tips on more shape studies to learn to do some sci fi armoury let me know guys!

trying out some mutated guys, getting out of my comfort zone lately!

[Image: sketchbrothers.png]

and a study of an asaro head,

[Image: schermafbeelding2013041.png]

MOAR STUDIES!! this time a Anders Zorn Study, i really love his colors and his brushstrokes very loos yet tight aswell,

[Image: 2z52exz.png]

These are really great! Love the portraits.

AT LAST done with school guys! so now more time for paintings and drawing! here is a study of roberto Ferri! I did it with a soft brush and in 2 sessions first one 6 hours and the second one 8!

[Image: 29evtd.jpg]

Wow. Just really great work!

thanks man! i just went through your website.. Massive cool stuff man!! :D

WOW! This sb is really cool! love it!

im really having a hard time with drastic light, so im doing some alex ross studies with pencil from his rough Justice League sketchbook and im doing some studies of movies who are also doing that, this one i used ref for half way through then tried to finish the rest on my own, and learning that Value is everything and color just a little girl compared to it, for example i also learned that skintones adapt to the environment so if its a black rainy day then the skintones also aply to that.

[Image: 300kb.png]

Great stuff in here, man that bloodsport <3

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Really great work you have, and pushing yourself with the studies also. Great job, keep it up!

thanks guys ! here is another study of the body form , i learned the fact that i really need to do this more often specially with female body types :

[Image: 30cvnl2.png]

I had a busy week with school it was my last year so i didnt paint allot unfortunatly but im back again and i have all the time now:D!

[Image: wolfmanphotostudy.png]

MOAR experimenting!

[Image: alienhead.png]


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