Bjork's Journey with her Sketchbook :)
(06-28-2013, 10:26 AM)Jonesoda Wrote: Hey, you did a really nice job on the metal studies, application is always a little hard afterwards. If your having trouble getting it to look right it doesn't hurt to take a glance at your studies, I find it helps soak them in a little more.

I just did a quick paint over, I've only done one before so hopefully it makes sense.

Awesome! thanks a lot :D
Sketch before bed :) have to draw more ears and bodies aaah, have to draw mooore

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Quick update before I go do some imagination stuff ! ^^ critique is as always welcome
Great studies. Those hands look great.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book

More texture and hand studies :) Definitely learning a lot from these, especially the texture ones. I'm going to go more into anatomy with the hands tomorrow if I have time, so I'm looking forward to that ^^
Also I'll try to see if I can make a few imagination sketches tomorrow I really have to make more of those.

Oh yeah and that portrait thingy.. I figured I might as well just upload it even though it's not that good, since.. well why not,I learned something so that's good ^^

(Good lord I need a scanner)
Pretty sketchbook:D i like those hands studies, i also feel it wold be great to do some:D anyway keep posting and evolve!;)

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Deviant art:

Some stuff I've done today. Going to draw some more before bed though so might upload some more later ^^
... maybe I should do more imagination stuff..
I keep starting on them, but I have a hard time finishing them :P Gonna focus mainly on imagination tomorrow, I think :) just have to wrap up a few studies and then it's all in with imagination, hopefully all will go well ^^

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Love the swimming monkey! keep up the good work :D
(07-02-2013, 10:17 AM)devin Wrote: Love the swimming monkey! keep up the good work :D

Thanks ! ^^
Some really awesome studies! Keep pushing that drawing and construction though, when that catches up to your painting it'll start getting ridiculous :D

(07-02-2013, 09:24 PM)ImSkeptical Wrote: Some really awesome studies! Keep pushing that drawing and construction though, when that catches up to your painting it'll start getting ridiculous :D

thanks a lot! ^^ I will make sure to do that, especially since I struggle with it haha

painting I'm working on. Would love some help with where I should be putting the shadows and highlights and also with colour.
I need to draw more faces so I understand the planes better :P
anyway, I'll upload more stuff later tonight! :)
I think I've been a bit lazy today, I had a hard time focusing while doing my studies and didn't spend as much time as I could have on each of them. But perhaps that's somewhat of a good thing: just getting the basic stuff you want to learn from your study instead of going all in and making it look super alike without really learning that much from it:P
I've done some imaginative stuff as well, not as strong as my studies, But, hey, I had fun :)
I have some other sketches lying around, I'll see if I can upload them tomorrow :)

(prepare for a lot of figure studies this week)

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So today was a fun day! I did a bunch of gesture drawings and some anatomy studies, and then I went to a café and creeped around there drawing people. This week I'll mainly be focusing on the human figure, so if you have any tips on what I should really focus on and so forth then please tell me! ^^
anyway, I'll probably try and do some character design or something like that before bed, so hopefully that will go well hehe.
As always, critique is very welcome :D

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Hallow folks! Okay so today was a pretty tough day, in a way, but still fun.
I've been having some trouble with my right hand/wrist because I've been drawing too carelessly and not taking enough breaks etc.etc. But I still managed to get some stuff done so that's good
Since I had to take little break with drawing with my right hand, I figured this could be a great opportunity to learn how to draw with my left hand... as you can see I'm no good with my left hand, but it's a start hehe

I wasn't really able to finish any drawing today so hopefully I can do that tomorrow

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Nice studies, I hope you hand is getting better, It's hard when we can't do the thing we love.

Hi everyone! My hand is doing better now, so I'm finally able to crank out some almost decent stuff haha. I have done quite a few doodles though but they're not really worth showing hehe anyway this is some stuff I've been able to do today :P I'm really rusty now haha can't wait to get back to doing more studies as well as paintings

Quick photo study :) have to do a lot more studies of faces, so perhaps I should do one self portrait everyday? hmmm

beautiful work bjork. definately do that self portrait thing, thats a good idea for sure. apply those studies by the way, you can try to do those studies and then painting it again right after without the reference like brad rigney practiced. keep working hard !

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