Bjork's Journey with her Sketchbook :)
(07-16-2013, 09:56 PM)BenFlores Wrote: beautiful work bjork. definately do that self portrait thing, thats a good idea for sure. apply those studies by the way, you can try to do those studies and then painting it again right after without the reference like brad rigney practiced. keep working hard !

Thanks a lot! ^^ I'll definitely apply my studies, I'm doing that right now in fact hehe
And I'll make sure to give that Brad Rigney practice a try, seems pretty useful :D
Thanks again!
Imaginative piece I'm working on :) Will post some more stuff later!

Beautiful portrait, I really like the way you paint eyes. They're very eye-catching (I couldn't avoid it sorry :()
The only thing I can comment on is that you tend to have very similar values going on. But it doesn't take anything away from your work.
Doing studies from memory is serious business, many warriors have cried in corners. I wish you luck if you try it because it really pays off!
Keep it rollin'

Wow, the studies are really great, your eye for color is very good!
Bjulvar: Thanks a lot :D I'll go ahead and work on the values hehe, it's a common mistake of mine.

TonariNoPunpun: Thanks mate! ^^

alright time for some sketchbook stuff and studies

Ooh great studies :) and very nice sketchbook in general. Keep up the good work!

p.s I don't know if you're familiar with Sycra's Art Videos on Youtube, your style reminds me of his, I think you'd get a lot out of them :)

Awesome! The lines on that batman are tasty.

Angel_Intheuk: Thanks ! :D I hadn't heard about him, but I checked him out and i'll definitely watch more of his videos, thanks for telling me about him! ^^

devin: heh thanks mate! ^^
just a quick update to show that I'm still alive

great sketchbook, really digging some of your portraits! keep it up! :)
Sweet update Bjork! Already seeing improvement in your values, especially in the lineweight. Quite nice to see that you had time to draw people at the festival. I never have time to capture someone's pose live like that, everybody suddenly gets the urge to move a lot haha.
Hope your hand gets better!

Thanks a lot you guys!
I'm really trying to improve my linework lately since it's usually very messy haha
Yoooo update before bed
Composition studies:

Head studies:

quick sketch thingy:

Morning study

Holy hell bjork, you've been doing waaaaaay more work than you've been showing us on FB.

(07-24-2013, 11:33 PM)Kwibl Wrote: Holy hell bjork, you've been doing waaaaaay more work than you've been showing us on FB.
haha well of course! And more than what I post here !
know that problem when you work on something too much that you end up ruining it? yep that's what I did with this one:

But at least I had fun with it and learned some stuff :P Gonna fix it tomorrow

(07-24-2013, 10:24 PM)BjorkJT Wrote: Morning study

Beautiful. Seriously, great simplicity.

Lance MacCarty: Thanks man! Will try to keep doing these, hopefully daily if possible:)
here is some stuff from today!


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