Sketchbook of Wil
Hi everyone,

I'm Wilson. I love the group, long time lurker, i figured it was time i joined and started a sketchbook to help me stay focused and motivated. I'd love to get some feedback and honest crits. I'm currently landing some very small time freelance work, and i'm giving all the time i can to studying.

Ideally, i'd like to build a nice portfolio and be able to land some bigger illustration/ concept art jobs. I'll try to keep updating this as often as i can.

Thanks in advance for taking a look!

Here are some recent studies/sketches i've worked on recently.

[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: colorsketchlilone.jpg]
[Image: gestures2106.jpg]
[Image: horrorscifi.jpg]
[Image: more%20sketches%20%282%29.jpg]
[Image: more%20sketches.jpg]
[Image: porpractice2106.jpg]
[Image: quickfaces2106.jpg]
[Image: randomsketches2006.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook.jpg][Image: still0105.jpg]
Some little progress on the flying on a giant axolotl thing illustration, and a quick movie still study before going to sleep. Now that i look at it, i should work the kid's expression, the current one has written psyscho all over it.

[Image: lilonewip.jpg]
[Image: screen2406.jpg]
Some morning studies.

[Image: femalefigure2506.jpg]
[Image: gestures2406.jpg]
[Image: gestures2506.jpg]
[Image: moviestill2506.jpg]
[Image: quickfaces2406.jpg]
[Image: quickfaces2506.jpg]
Just another progress shot for this one for now, hopefully i'll be done with it tomorrow. Any crits welcome and appreciated.
[Image: lilonewip2.jpg]

Hey there Wils, probably the strongest piece I've seen in here so far would be the fourth from the top, the angle is dynamic and it really makes me wonder more about what's going on. What's the story behind the purple monster? I think a bit more definition needs to be had in this one, even if it's a cartoon shape, I'm confused about wing structure and the angle of its head. Maybe more of a defined process of thumbnails if you did those could have helped arrive at a better conclusion.

In terms of sketchy stuff, I've been finding sketching with pens instead of pencils for a while really helps loosen myself up and increase my accuracy. Looking forward to checking out more of this stuff as it comes!

Hey Goht, thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean with the purple monster, i didn't really do a lot of thumbnailing for that one, that's something i should definitely start incorporating into my work process.

Here are some more morning studies, some 30 sec gestures, and torsos.

[Image: gestures2604.jpg]

[Image: torsostudies2604.jpg]

[Image: torsostudy2606.jpg]

Man the rendering on that first face is fan-fuckin-tastic.
Hey Rayph, thanks man, by the way, checked your cghub, you, sir, are fucking awesome.

Here are some morning studies again.

[Image: gestures2704.jpg]
[Image: still2706.jpg]
[Image: torsos2706.jpg]
[Image: torsostudy2.jpg]
[Image: torsovalues2706.jpg]

Great sketchbook, you've got some really nice studies going on here! You've got a great, clean line quality in your drawings; keep it up!

For the latest figure paintings (the torsos) try and keep a closer eye on the values. Your form modeling and edgework is all pretty solid and you're doing the right things, but they're not quite nailing that feeling of light hitting a form. I think the biggest issue is you're letting your halftones get a little too dark, and your reflected lights get a little too light. You want to be very mindful to have completely separate value ranges for the lights and for the darks; not that you have to paint Caravaggio style uber-contrast, but when the value ranges of the lights and darks start mingling in the middle, it becomes muddy and you lose the effect of light. The confusing but true maxim is: Your lightest darks should never be as light as your darkest lights.

There are of course exceptions in rare lighting setups or for stylistic choice, but for this kind of study I think sticking to true, sculptural lighting is helpful. Keep a copy of Gurney's light and form sphere open if it helps: [Link]

Great work, keep it up! :D

Hey thanks man, that was some really useful crit, i agree with you, it'd been a while since i've done value studies and i thought something was not working but i couldn't really put my finger on it. I'll take that into account in my upcoming studies.

For now here are some more morning studies/sketches.

[Image: femalebodies2806.jpg]
[Image: gestures2806.jpg]
[Image: hands2806.jpg]
[Image: maletorsos2706.jpg]
[Image: bootslineart2806.jpg]

And here's that last painting i was working on, not really happy with it but i think it was doomed since the beginning, weird angles, the creature doesn't read well... i'll be more careful with the next one and do some more planning before jumping into rendering.

[Image: lilonemotionblur.jpg]

Some more stuff before going to sleep. The armor are copied from some kind of history book, i kind of found them interesting.

[Image: armorstudies.jpg]
[Image: femaletorsovalues2806b.jpg]
[Image: valuetorsostudy2806.jpg]

Really nice rendering man, love the figures and portraits, guess just keep it up :)

your lines and rendering are so perfect , cant wait too see more
Thanks guys, i'll keep at it. Here are some morning studies/sketches again.

[Image: gestures0107.jpg]
[Image: female%20torsos0107.jpg]
[Image: hands0107.jpg]

More things, a few sketches for a commission i am working on and i also tried some silhouettes, first time i tried that, it was kinda fun so i will probably do it more often.

[Image: SketchDC1.jpg]

[Image: sketchDC2.jpg]

[Image: sils.jpg]

Hey man nice stuff :D!. Your rendering is looking damn tight.

Maybe this is personal preference but i would love to see more angles in your sketching, everything feels really smooth and flowy, which may be intentional but i see that carry across into everything you draw, especially the rendering of your planes.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Thanks! I think i see what you mean, and i believe it's due to the fact that i have a problem just loosening up, i'm trying to do so lately.

Here are some morning studies.

[Image: gestures0207.jpg]

[Image: legs0207.jpg]

[Image: por20207.jpg]

[Image: skin0207.jpg]

Hey man! Nice sketchbook! I like your attention to details and clean images, i think this will help you in future if you stay concentrated.

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Thanks man! I like clean stuff, though it takes time to get things that way, i've been trying to loosen up a bit lately to get more things done.

Morning things.

[Image: gestures0307.jpg]

[Image: figures0307.jpg]

[Image: charas.jpg]

Trying to be very loose with this and not to be so obsessed with rendering. Around 40' each.

[Image: skinb0307.jpg]

[Image: skins0307.jpg]


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