Love your coloring in some of the pieces.
As for school, I managed to do 3h with school. Schooltimes were 9.00-16.00 on hardest days+ it took around 1.50h to walk to school and back.
Best of luck with your goals, man. Im doing quite similar goal atm to yours, mine is "do 5-6h a day"
I gotta say having a goal and sharing with a group can really put you to work, I didnt finish a single character for months and now Ive gotten 2 done in a week or so.

Some tips Ive learned from experience:
1. Eat breakfast in kitchen and not behind a computer watching stuff, when finished get to painting
2. If you do need a break really bad(I mean those times when you feel like art is a drag), do something more interesting artwise. If its still a drag and you check your clock every 10 minutes, too see if the hour is up, then take a break,
I suggest walking outside, relaxing. However people tend to want to do something more entertaining. So, do something entertaining, but set a time, for when you get back to work.(for example if you decide to take a break at 13.00 then promise yourself youll get back to painting at 15.00
3. A good videogame can mess up your goals. Atleast for me it has multiple times in the past. Now, at times you might get confident that you can keep up with your goal and also play a game. If that happens you might be right. However if youre wrong make sure you delete the game, when it causes you to fail your goal.
4. Decline to lazyness can be subtle. One day you decide your done after 3h. Ten days later your mind is completely changed, you draw much less and prefer to do less productive activities. Then regret/responsibility/ambition kicks in and your back in the game.

In addition to what everyone said, which I think has already been said is just put a clock down lets say 25 minutes, focus for 25 minutes, break for 15 minutes etc. afterward.

And having an accountability partner can really help with reaching your goals. Me myself, have been trying to find one, but no luck whatsoever haha.

And most importantly don't stress too much about the amount of hours you should draw everyday, rather, think of how can I use my time more efficiently right now. If not, you will just worry about okay how many hours I drew today, and neglect the important aspects.

So its better, to set down priorities for the day, like top 3, and get those down each day, overtime, the amount of time you draw increases, due of progression, and more stuff to learn/can do.

Hope that helps, keep going buddy!

PS: Your studies are coming along great!

PSS: Give this article a read;
Cool stuff, when trying out color on a face, try doing line art first (you can divide de face into planes even if you want) and then painting on a layer under it, it's make it easier to do the colors the way to want.

Omg so many comments! o_0

ZombieChinchilla   - That's good to hear! Working and still squeezing in those hours for drawing? Dang I look up to your discipline! Thanks and I do need to work on edges.

lillysparks   - Thanks! Yeah school can be such a time hog. Let's grab it by the tail this year! 

crackedskull   - You're totally nailing school+art study.  If I find myself  struggling with time management this school year, I'll be reminded of your example. Also thanks for all those suggestions. I'll try walking outside for breaks as I tend get to lost in internet la la land.

Zearthus  - Sage words. Yep I tend to stress hours too much-  quality of study and moderation  matter too.  Thanks! And that article is a great reminder of the big art and life in general. 

Gliger  - Thanks! Usually I draw really roughly but I'll try drawing planes as well. 

Alrighty so last time I said I'd draw 6 hr the next day. Heh heh. I did more like 2.5 hr. Today I focused harder and got 5.5-6 hr. Mostly drawing studies. The last hour felt rather forced my brain was getting tired of trying to copy stuff. I think I should study a bit less and do more creative stuff. After all, that WIP won't finish itself ;)   

To begin, something from yesterday- Cats! Drawing 4 legged animals still eludes but I have to remember that I've spent much more time drawing humans from life. But the nearest living cat I know of is fat and mostly just naps in the shade. :3   Source 12

Today I warmed up with some figures from head. Argghh will study back muscles tomorrow...

Then I sketched rooms. I tried to add some hierarchy to the lines. Later I reviewed some boring perspective theory. This is one of my major weaknesses -  I'm trying to figure out how to create interesting, convincing spaces from imagination.

Lastly I studied hands. I regret neglecting hands for so long but oh well. Source

And here's some  random scribble scratch:

Tomorrow I'll do more color and artsy things. And get more sunshine!


doodles of classmates, train riders, and imaginary things 

mickey toy 

for school..still trying to figure out design ack 

Wellll hello. I'm still being a lazy butt. I mostly disregarded the good advice I got about discipline and time management lol. It's ridiculous that I scrambled to pull multiple all nighters in the row to turn in school projects yet barely found the time to study even half an hour. I gotta have more respect for myself.  

Still, 1 > least I haven't stopped drawing entirely. Right now school is out so I have a few weeks to really study and create art...I've also become more interested in comics and animation so that means  less focus on painting. Now prepare for a binge post of drawings...

Life drawings. Gonna work on caricaturing these.

me hand. I need to draw a gaziilion more of these. 

Anatomy..Feels like whenever I study muscles I only remember like 5% of what I learned. I'm slowly remembering more of the figure but I still have a long way to go...

Practicing figures from head. 

more from life.. Trying to get more environment/perspective study in as I want to draw more convincing backgrounds for comics. 

And here's a painting called 'Waiting'. I really enjoy the initial stages of creating a painting- planning, drawing and picking the colors but later stages like blending makes me zzzzzz. I might look into speed painting just to touch up sketches. 

Wow! ^^ Good stuff. I really admire your initiative and how you try your hand at different things.

Hey man, whats going on why aren't you updating us with new stuff?


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