Scuse me while I kiss the sky!
Hey IrishWhiskey! keep it up with those loomis/hampton studies - Study thoroughly and thoughtfully. It's gonna build you a good fundamental base over time.
@Jonesoda Thanks you for the advise :) I fully intend to keep it up! Wink

Mooooooore Hampton studies! Hopefully tomorrow i can apply what i learned today in some quick gesture drawings.
I also tried Composition studies for the first time ever and i'm having a lot of fun trying to figure out the values by squinting my eyes. .........i said i'm having fun, not doing well Sad

Oh and it looks like i'm on page 2 o.O How is this? i uploaded very little! can i make my images smaller somehow?
[Image: compstudy1_zpsabd02c4b.jpg][Image: gesturelandmarks_zps335f63e0.jpg][Image: img042_zps0472550a.jpg]

I hate that im not finishing anything!!!

[Image: portraitstudy2_zps5eb3f0af.jpg]
[Image: gesturelandmarks2_zpsf22e9118.jpg]

It was a day for Sargent!
I think i'm done with this face study....for now anyway.
oh and some comp studies Blushing

[Image: portraitstudy3_zps987df426.jpg][Image: mastercompstudys2_zps96f177af.jpg]

Great composition studies ; Keep it up : )
@art44 Thanks :) that's the first time i really tried something like that so its good to see i'm doing something right Blushing

Again something from Hamptons book. i understand people don't want to see this kind of thing but its all i'm doing at the moment so hopefully i'll be able to pump out some original work when i'm at a comfortable skill level.

[Image: gestureconnections_zpsdcf2cdb7.jpg][Image: gesturepractice3_zps0ef6494f.jpg]

Irish Whiiiskaayyyy! Hey man, good job with the anatomy studies- your doin it right, study those books.

For that face study you did a couple posts ago I think it would help if you maybe blurred your eyes and looked back a bit. When you do this you can see that the transitions of value are much more gradual than what you painted. Also, be sure to observe the use of hard AND soft edges.


@JJ Aaron Thank you! i will look into using hard and soft edges and see if i can pull it off!

So today.....

-Heads in different angles, hopefully once i get to the chapter on heads in Hampton's book i will see improvement.
-a sketch with the main places i add light and shadow to a face. (i'm not sure if this is right)
-Planes of the face study. i used a lasso tool for this. i also used the color drop tool because im useless in seeing value. !!!don't look at me!!!! Sad
-Lastly two small "blurry" Caravaggio composition studies.

[Image: img047_zps58b22031.jpg][Image: theprocessiuseforportraits_zps7143b72c.jpg][Image: faceplanesstudy_zps569c64a0.jpg][Image: mastercompstudys3_zps836e3f16.jpg]

I got almost nothing done today.

[Image: ww1thumbs_zps2cb64de5.jpg][Image: gesturepractice4_zps2a0f98b6.jpg]

great stuff , did you check out "framed ink" ? it's really great book for composition

keep it up
Hey thanks for stopping by my sketchbook! You're doing good things here. I can see you going far with the whole art thing at this pace. Just never give up!

@art44 yeah i'v heard of framed ink but haven't read it. ill take a look at it today cus it looks amazing!

@Adam Lina Thank you! i'll try Blushing

More studies! Thinking

[Image: headstudy1_zps15a99d5d.jpg][Image: shapesstudy_zps1e8d549a.jpg][Image: headsstudy_zpse096fbd8.jpg][Image: nosestudy_zps3ff67835.jpg]

Just gestures and a sketch of Charles "Lucky" Luciano.

I wasted alot of time today doing imagination sketches which ended up sucking sooo much ass so i'm not posting that garbage! i just don't have the ability to put my ideas on paper.
I guess i'll just have to knuckle down and be patient with it because i know ill be able to do it eventually.
It appears im still afraid to just sketch, i know people who want to get good have to be drawing around the clock but since i lack the ability at the moment i find it hard to do. unless i want all the pages of my sketchbook being crappy faces and bean shapes.
Has anyone had this problem before?
Anywhoooo.... i'll keep studying and try to apply more because i don't think i do that enough.

Ní bhíonn saoi gan locht - There is no wise man without fault.

[Image: Gesture2_zpsc33dde9f.jpg][Image: luckysketch_zps8e34db0c.jpg]

I know what you mean about not wanting to fill your sketchbook with practice drawings. The solution I found that works is to get a clip board and do you face and bean drawings on cheap printer paper. That way afterwards you can just throw them away if you want. Its a cheap but effective psychological trick to make you stop worrying about your sketches being unappealing. I also started doing little drawings on ever scrap piece of paper I get my hands on. Receipts, envelopes, junk mail ect. And carry a pen everywhere you go.

And dont fall into the trap of not drawing from your imagination because you're not happy with the results. You might not be happy with what you come up with but power through it and try to have fun. Dont approach your drawing time with the thought "Im going to create a masterpiece". Try not to take yourself seriously and scribble some ideas for characters or whatever interests you.

keep those studies coming , they look great :)
@Adam Lina, I like that idea with the printer paper. I'm gonna have to give that a go right away. Starting this week im going to come up with an idea for a piece from imagination and see if i can bring it to completion because i never tried that before and i think it would help if i just finished one of my ideas instead of just throwing out the bad sketches. Thanks for the advice! i appreciate it Thumbs_up

@art44, God damn it Art! if you weren't in my computer i would kiss you!
Thanks for keeping me so pumped to keep at it and i mean it when i say i really really do appreciate it!

I'm very busy at the moment with work and trying to decide on a college course but that wont stop me from getting something on paper every day.
Just some sketches im not too happy with that i thought id post. although i do like the sketch of the guy with the mustache for some reason. Oh how i wish i was born in 1920's america Sad

Oh and some Hampton ear studies.

[Image: sketches_zps6cb7b053.jpg][Image: earstudies_zps4e06e810.jpg]

I slowed down so much the last few days Sad

I started the ctrl+paint basic rendering course and that was helpful, i finished the pot but i know i could have put more time into it but my god to i hate rendering cylinders Meh

some landscape compositions from imagination for the first time too. soo fun!
Casine was kind enough to give me a critique on them so i can see were i made fundamental mistakes.

I bought 3 books too. Framed ink, color and light and Imaginative Realism.
they are coming from the US so i might have them by this time next year Sad

[Image: landscapefromimagination_zps99b7fd82.jpg][Image: vasectrlpaint1_zps20ef38db.jpg]

Nice render on that pitcher still life! The lighting is very well done. As for the fear of turning out crappy work, I know that feel. One thing I do that helps is I keep a sketchbook just for myself, that no one will ever see. When I do that, I have no fear of judgment and I can just do whatever I want, and as a result, I'll sometimes sketch something I like that I eventually turn into a painting. And if nothing good comes from it, there are no consequences because I didn't mean for anyone to see that stuff anyways. Bottom line is that if you're sketching, you're getting better even if it's just a tiny bit.

@pnate, Thanks Insane, ecstatic I started using a clip board and printer paper like Adam Lina suggested and its amazing how loose my lines become and how i just care less if i draw something complete garbage.

Like Adam said i'v started drawing on everything i get my hands on, like my payslips at work. I fill them up with line practice like cylinders,boxes, straight lines and faces if the mood strikes :P

Here are some doodles and studies from today on the glorious printer paper Shock

[Image: img059_zps19823686.jpg][Image: img060_zps6c31fa61.jpg][Image: img062_zps47d46cf0.jpg]

Figure/Gestures and doodles.
I'm way too lazy to go scanning my other drawings today. They were just more gestures and an ass load of cubes and cylinders so i don't think it makes a difference if i post them or not.

[Image: gesturepractice5_zps27a20477.jpg]
[Image: doodles2_zps0842d40f.jpg]


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