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This week: Creature of the Week! (CROW)

The Colosseum was awash with the frenzied energy of the crowd and grew into an explosion of excitement as the immense iron gate blocking the creature's cage was raised. The five warriors in the center of the arena, although armed to the teeth, shook visibly as each resounding footstep rocked the earth. The creature stopped in front of his opponents as if appreciating his next meal and before they could react, charged with an unearthly rage that rumbled the pillars surrounding them.

Your task: Design the Racnor, Devourer of Warriors.

  • No Humanoids or Human-like creatures
  • No plants
  • No blob-like masses with no shape
  • No 1:1 copies of existing animals
  • Photo textures, 3D, and traditional mediums are allowed.
  • Studies are recommended, but not required.
  • There is no restriction on image formats (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • Environment backgrounds are optional.
  • Keep in mind you are not required to strictly stick to what is in the passage. It is more of a guide in terms of mood.
  • You must post at least one WIP in the WIP thread to be accepted into the final poll.
  • Most of the Creature must be visible
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline.
  • Only ONE final entry please.
  • Sketches, WIPs, or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll.
  • No fanart. We want to see your original, unique interpretations!
  • Have fun!

Deadline is Sunday, March 22 @10pm GMT

Gingerly submitting some thumbs....

I made these two friends.
I hope I can make it in time.

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Going for some slimy gelatinous wormy trapper creature, armed with a stomach for painful and extended digestion (warriors only).

Did some studies for the type of renderings that will be in the final piece, let's see how much it helps xD

[Image: CROW_Racnor_Sketches.png]
[Image: Jelly.png]
[Image: Worm.png]
[Image: MossyRuinedWall.png]

Actually attempting to push my visual library this time, since I have more time to dedicate to this!
Did some thumbnails after putting together some reference and playing around with shapes, then found some old books I had on animals and insects and referenced those in the refined thumbs. Any favorites? :D

[Image: 52nio3.jpg]

[Image: 65mvxe.jpg]

Patrick Gaumond: I dig the top top left one on the last image. Armored carapace and such long legs seem to make it both robust and deadly fast!

Here's two wips!

[Image: CROW_Racnor%2BDevourer%2Bof%2BWarriors_WIP1.png]

[Image: CROW_Racnor%2BDevourer%2Bof%2BWarriors_WIP2.png]

I'll have to jump straight to photoshop tomorrow with one of these dudes.

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Also you can visit:
C.D. Sketchbook
My personal blog
Sketch! ill most likely rework this quite a bit.. redrawing things that you arent happy with instead of pushing on is something i fully believe in nowadays!

[Image: tAKYC1p.png]

Some Sketches
[Image: BnKrRCH.png]

[Image: LmhwOOW.png]

[Image: vvoqf5B.png]

Some Composition Thumbnails

[Image: RolKsk3.png]

[Image: 9wx3TNU.png]

[Image: kdF2zbc.png]

I like this one xD
[Image: UlOByyf.png]

It's late forever, I know, but since this is where I got the idea for Mr. Itchy from, I figured might as well put it here too.

One day, I'll paint fast enough to properly participate in community events....


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