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Good progress! I like the latest character, its full flava :)

I have some suggestions you could consider.

The contrast is is too similar from region to region, this makes forms of the body appear to be in the same position and space(flattening).

I did a breakdown of the contrasts by sampling swatches of the general light and dark colours of each region. If you squint your eyes at the swatches you can see what I mean.

Parts of the body in shade or shadow, should not have "light" surfaces shaded too brightly. Breakdown the colours into simple light and dark selections and adjust them till the effect of form within light and space is conveyed comfortably. Gradiants and colour variations can come later.

Hope you find this useful to your work!

Keep truckin!
Nice stuff here, man! One thing that sticks out to me is that you could work on your brush strokes a little more. Try to use a hard round brush more often and focus on getting a good amount of both soft and hard edges. Like this:

[Image: Paintover01.jpg]

So cool, thanks a lot guys!

Hey guys, this is a new method I'm trying out, let me know your thoughts

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Hey guys, so after such a long time, I finally finished my Orc character and decided to go a difference style of painting and changed the pose as well, anyway feedback are appreciated, thx!

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I know it's an older one but I just love that kid blowing the bubble, the hard edges on the shading and the construction lines visible underneath give it an awesome look. You said it's a new method for you, is there some specific steps you take to end up with that?

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Thanks man, well yes sure there are steps really simple too, for the construction lines just keep them on top of everything to show, and if some lines are too distracting lower their opacity. For the hard edge shadows just use the lasso tool and make sure you use the soft brush for the light and shadows as well, good luck.

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