Hello everyone,

I have been going around the forums for quite a while but never gotten the nerve to post anything and here we are now!

My name is Georgi. I am from Bulgaria and I have just recently started art school. As for what to say for myself I don't particularly know. For now I am not headed in any direction and I will see where things go from here. 

Any critiques and help are quite welcome.

Bellow are mostly sketches of mine one school drawing and a WIP:

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nice pencils, you will be going places :D, what are you studying in art school? i mean design or painting

Hello!! I like your drawings keep up the good work c:
Welcome to the forum! Interesting character designs you've got. So you dont know what kind of work you want to do yet? Illustration, concept art ect.?

Nick C. - Thank you! The school I am attending is quite old and traditional( which is not entirely good). Its a fine art school. I am studying Draftsmanship and Intermedia. I cant say I am entirely happy with it, design would have been much better, but sadly there are no schools like these nearby or as a whole in Bulgaria. 

tirbushon- Thank you!!!!

Adam Lina - Thank you for the welcome, I am planning on posting as often as I can. I was interested alot in concept art but as u have mentioned for now illustration seems like the most interesting choice for me. I'm just quite away from doing any professional work so I haven't given it a good thought yet.

Thank you for the welcomes and the warm replies :) 

Here are some of the sketches I did today ( I am not quite happy with some of them but I wont be sorting much):

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Welcome aboard

Really digging that linework, characters are looking fantastic

Scream at what I'm doing wrong in my sketchbook
it helps a lot
Hi Georgi,

I really like your drawings, the linework is very expressive; more flow than hyper-realistic works. I hope to see you around here more often. :)

"Your art has same face syndrome"

"Yeah, and yours has same tits syndrome, you don't see anyone complaining..."
Vornag - Thank you mate! 

RottenPocket - Thank you very much :)

Today was a very slow and extremely bad day for drawing.
Didn't get enough sleep, felt extremely tired and wasn't able to draw anything competently at all.
And having classes from the morning to the evening didn't help at all >o>

Have been doing some life drawing and sculpture I will share when I get them to more presentable state.

Here are some of the sketches I managed to get done today, though most of them I did half asleep and tired :(

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to the forums!! :) :)

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Another very busy day in the university and not quite successful as well. 
Got the wrong kind of paper and my school drawings aren't going as well as they should be.

My phone is not working correctly so I will post some photos of traditional stuff from my sketchbook as soon as I get it sorted.
Otherwise here are some sketches from this evening:

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Wow, those are some quite nice sketches! Don't be afraid to post, no one will bite you. :3

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a while so here are some random sketches I've done digitally.

Yonderly - Thank you! I think I might be more lazy than afraid : D

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Hello everyone!

I seem to have forgotten to post for quite the time c:

These are just some of the things I've been doing in the meantime.

I do have more work and sketches to show but I'll have to rummage through some old fodders and art school projects to find them so they are left for future installment!!

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I was dumb and made the post from my old account, no wonder my avatar was different
Amazing improvement!!!

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