AChi's sketchbook~
Damn these are so pretty, loving the style of those sketches! Hope to see some of the same kind of stuff in your artstation portfolio in the future as well : D

Drain gang
Loving the paintings of your dog. I also really dig how you did the grass, and all the shapes within that. Hope to see you keep posting, AChi! :)

Sketchbook // Insta 

And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea
havnt used the tablet for quiet a while now. To get familiar with tablet again i did this painting from a photo. I expected only spend 1-2hr on this study but it turn out to be 3hours, just cant stop painting when in the right mood

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Can't stop, won't stop bro. It looks great, I love how you capture the scales coming off the trout. It's very 'painterly' as they say. I'm digging the textures you got going on in the fur.

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