Neopatogen WIPS
Really cool compositions! I like the first one the best, I think it is because of the extended leg that the composition works a bit better there. Although see looks a bit more careful there. Good look finishing!

Fan-bloody-tastic hard work ethic Neo, these last comps really sell your idea (and oh that dynamism *drools*)
Not to mention the smart-thinking with the mannequin rough. You'll be saving yourself so much time!
 I can see that you're giving the Crucible your all... kicking frustration in the hoo-ha and leveling up as I type this.

Keep at it, you've got this!

Thank you Eyliana, smrr-sempai! 
My new sketch, worked more on the girl and built a wall in Sketchup.
I also attach my references. I used 2 different photos for the face, plus my own hand and my boot, so there's no photos for those :)
And here's a metal study that I did last week, I anayzed Raffaello Sanzio's artwork and made Stark sigil in Assassin style based on my observations.

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To be honest it looks a bit strange - as she was riding the wall like a horse. Why not try some iconic AC jump poses such as these:
[Image: video-games-assassins-creed-altair-jump-...40adca.jpg]
[Image: 2596391-unity1.jpg]

Yeah have to agree with Piotr a mid air shot would look more dynamic, lots of progress so far keep it up!

Piotr, Hobitt  Thanks for the crits! I tried to make a triangular composition with that extended leg, wolf and raised hand.  Maybe you're right... I'll try to figure something out :)

Changed the figure. I struggled with the face but was unable to make it ok, will try again tomorrow. Got no  references for such angle, so it's very hard to make it recognizable.

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Improving with each post. Looks heaps better. I wonder if you could play with the scale of Arya, maybe make her a bit larger and closer towards us, and Nymeria a little smaller At the moment her and Nymeria are the same size. A differential of some sort between them would help. Also the main angle of the two torsos of her and the wolf are the same, angle them differently a bit as well.

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Thank you @Amit! I had some similar idea in mind but was not quite sure about it.
Changed the left arm as well, otherwise it's tangent to the top of of the image.

Had a small insight today after Arya face studies. While looking at people today I unconsciously saw structure and simplified shapes in faces. It was almost like when I first thought some simple phrase in a foreign language unconsciously. But I need a lot of practice to be able to draw what I observe :)

Starting to paint, there's not much time left.

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Great work. I actually often make people feel uneasy because I stare at them analizing their faces. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing that :)

Looking good so far. You know whats better than looking at peoples faces, its drawing them with a sketchbook in hand! Nothing better than bewildered glances the people give you!

great job on drawing her face you've caught the likeness.the composition and the pose are well done too. nothing constructive to say. Go paint!

Work in progress. And some of my unpolished studies

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Nice improvements! You're -almost- getting the AC color scheme right. Imo you may want to push the contrast on the characters more. It's a bit frightening, because it can look really bad in the beginning, but just remember that the key to making strong lighlights and shadows look decent is blending them out right, and controlling the edges. If you use reference and pay attention to how they are handled in them you should be good.

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I won't comment on art because it's too close to the deadline already but I'd personally like "Arya's Creed" a bit more (just a sugestion, completely not important for the contest) :)

The face is great, really looks like here - even without a title it'd be recognisable (which is a really great feat!).

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I like how you are constructing the basic boxy forms of all your objects in perspective first, always keep that up! Also, AC is a fitting theme for a crossover, her character instantly blends into that world. If you still have time, try out maybe putting some helmed soldiers or someone similar standing guard or talking etc below the wall so that she's not just jumping over the wall but also attacking someone from behind! Might improve the story a little bit. you could extend the canvas a little bit to the bottom to make room for that. Maybe they got spears or banners that you can use to create some more diagonals that emphasize her movement from upper right to lower left? be careful not to cut the comp in half if you do that, though! Anyway, looking forward to the final!

Thanks everyone!
@Pjotr I was actually thinking how to add "'s" to the left, so I followed your advice! Hope to hear crits from you on the final!
@Jan awesome idea, but I'm not as quick in drawing/painting as you :) I wanted to render my piece as good as I possibly can because I've never done that properly before on my art from imagination.
Here be a zoomed version of Nymeria, it's too small in my final and can't be seen well.


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