Bjork 's CC 1: GoT Game?
Nice work. I really like the second one as well, it can make them look quite evil/dangerous I think.

I agree, I'll probably go for the second lighting scheme. 
I'm struggling so much with the chair. I did a couple of thumbs, first trying to keep it close to the design in the tv series, but I don't think a chair made out of swords fits the Egyptian environment I am creating very well.. I'm currently going for a throne made out of gold instead. Am I going too far from the original design?

On another note.. deadline is getting close + little available time = Panic (or not really let's have fun with this but still kind of halp)

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Ohhh man these thumbs have so much potential! Very nice lighting/colors.
The second thumb is a good choice, I'd go with that as well.
I love where this is going. I think, maybe the throne could do with swords. It's such an iconic thing, it might do well to try and translate it. Egyptian Kopesh's have some awesome lines...perhaps they could be integrated in the throme somehow? A couple of them mirrored but larger than life. Or lots of normal ones fanning out like the tv series. The shapes are feather like, they could totally resemble wings all together, and another nod to GoT and egyptians as well.

*Edit: Second thumb all the way. It rocks.

[Image: osirion_swords_by_butterfrog.jpg]

[Image: 0aee0e78205c00d4f9733a9b1a3ffa5d.jpg]
[Image: isis-kneeling-cc-bronze-TL-1139.jpg]

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Those lighting thumbnails are SWEET. They all look great, its a hard choice, but maybe the third one? Although the second one looks equally good but in a different way.

I love the second comp, its far more sinister, somewhat mysterious than the others. I like it.
I'd have a hard time picking which thumbnail to go with, they all look amazing.
Amit Dutta: You're so right. I think I was wussing out because I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough time to do it properly, but dammit it's such an important part of the show! Thanks for pushing me on that one <3!

CrackedSkull: Thanks mate :D I'm pretty sure I'm going for the 2nd one since it's closest to the mood I want

JadeSky: Thanks :D I'm looking forward to finally start painting it.

Pulled myself together and did a more appropriate chair, definitely feeling better about this one than the previous one.

Line work is pretty close to done...

(oh and some sketches/studies I forgot to upload, so here are some crappy cellphone photos xoxoSoz)

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damn man, you pulled it out, definitely immediately recognisable as GoT. I did have one thought that the main chair shape could be pyramidal with the sun at it's tip and the flared wings. Would also sort out that slight tangent with Cersei's head, but yeah, time is a bit tight so it's fine if you decide to push ahead. Great little design studies as well. Great stuff!

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Amit Dutta: Thanks man! 
Oh sheet I did not notice that tangent, I'll see if I can fix it tomorrow and perhaps change the shape as well since it's still at a rough stage. Thanks for pointing it out :D

Quick little update to show where I'm at, one without line and one with line. Currently at that stage where everything just looks like poop, so hopefully I can make it work tomorrow

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I'm in love! Seriously i can't find anything wrong. I think design of the throne is better than the original one.

Ahh, I'm super digging your designs!! I love the twist you've spun on the whole thing!

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Oh, this is going really well. That light setup you picked is really dramatic and effective. The design is well done as well, clearly a redesign of GoT. Nice work.
So far so good,looking forward to seeing this completed!

Oh, Bjork! I look away for a moment and by the time I look back, you're already smashing your piece out like a boss lady 0_0

Looks great! Love the mood!
I'm impressed by how although it's set in an Egyptian scene, it still feels very much GoT
Me gusta

Great stuff, keep at it <3

Oh wow  thanks so much you guys!   I was starting to get a little discouraged because I've been staring at this thing for too long, but you're all making this process a lot more fun and enjoyable <3 thanks again!!

Just another quicky to show where I'm at. Rendering takes way too long, I need to find a faster method haha

I Tried adding a little colour balance layer to make the shadows more bluish, but I think it just makes it look a little strange, I'll try to make it more subtle heh

 Oh and how does the painting look on your guys' screen, is it too dark? I have a macbook and it has a tendency to make everything look a little too bright at times.

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Looks fine to me, also the version without the blues looks better. Overall you have done a good job, love the attention to details :)

The brightbess looks ok on my screen. I think maybe something in beween those 2 versions would be best. Good luck with rendering, your piece already looks awesome!

Good night update. Still got some stuff I need to fix, so I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.
Deadline is right around the corner, LET'S DO THIS1!111!

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Uhh, looking really nice!  I love your lighting, it´s very moody and atmospheric


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