CC 03 Finals
You can post your finals in here.
Please keep your uploaded images no larger than 1000-1200px wide, and if you can please upload your images as attachments to the forum. This helps keep page load times down, and the images always up.

Also try to make a compilation of your studies and sketches in one or two files. You can also hide it under a spoiler for better scrolling.

The brief for challenge can be found here:

Good luck and have fun!

My Final:


Have to apologize for the poor studies this round. I've spent a crazy amount of time figuring out and researching a workflow that suits me, good thing is that I did succeed in that so next round is more time for studies :)

WIP Thread:

I might update this if i change anything.Was fun to do, but not happy about the results ,learned a lot.

Sketches and designs


link to WIP thread



Link to my WIP thread Thumbs_up :
6am and still not finished i will update the "finished" final piece

(right know, i have 10 min before going to school, so i post Safety Wise ^^ )

Edit:  ok, here is my final image.

I'm not 100 percent happy how the result turned out, but i learned a lot and found a effective way of studying materials.

Furthermore i know now which things to improve in the near future:
- drawing (traditional/pencil/ ink)
- work the way through How to draw
- study composition in visual storytelling
- work on gesture/drawing the human body
- work on understanding of anatomy



WIP thread

My final! This one was rough, and I think it's because I didn't do enough studies...

Things I learned for next time:
  • Do more studies!!!!
  • Work more on perspective
  • Work more on color and lighting

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DeviantArt YouTube | My Books and Comics

Here are my studies and the final image. Definitely needed more studies for that and more refs but ran out of time sadly. The wip thread :

Well, this is easily the longest time I have ever spent on a single painting. It's been fun, but at this point I can't tell if it makes sense anymore. I ended up flipping the final because I'd been working on it mirrored half the time, and I felt like it worked better this way, but that might just be a delusion from staring at it too long.

concept exploration


Oh, and here's a link to the wip thread:

Project / Sketches / Paintings
Learned a lot from this Crucible!
I'll try to do some material studies  and more in-depth color studies next time.
I'm very thankful to @Piotr fot his advice on hand position and to everyone who cheered me up in my WIP thread!

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My Final
[Image: cc3_relicfinder.jpg]
Comp 1 | Brainstorm
[Image: ccs3_comp1.jpg]
Comp 2 | Studies
[Image: ccs3_comp2.jpg]

Its finally over, what a challenge this was. Been so busy this month and started this a bit late but it was fun.  i learn a lot working this piece even though time was against me.  Kind of ran out of time and scramble to piece things together.  

 I am looking forward to the future challenges and everyone is doing such a great job working hard, keep it up guys!  
WIP thread :

awesome to see everybody's work. I have been really going all over the place with this. but I have found out much about how I Paint and will try to reflect what I have done here on my sketchbook.
most important thing is to have fun , and Im here to say I had fun.

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