My Sketchbook
Hello, long time lurker here and finally decided to start a sketchbook here.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
Here's some work from last year and this year so far

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Wow - awesome start dude!

I love your style - reminds me a bit of Alex Ross the comic book artist. The Storm piece is pretty fantastic.

Looking forward to more - keep it going!

Wait - you joined in Dec 2014? You have been lurking for a while!

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CD Sketchbook

wow!! glad you finally decided to make a sketchbook, youre a great artist! cant wait to see more :)
Spaaaace Ghooost!!! :D

Awesome stuff. Your paintngs look very soft)

Hey, great you decided to create sketchbook, your paintings are awesome. Keep this up, looking forward to more!

Artloader:  Thank you!  Alex Ross has been one of my favorites for a while now.  I've always liked the way he draws superheroes without showing a lot of muscles.

Angeliquevdmee:  Thank you for looking at my sketchbook!

Prabu:  Thank you, Prabu!  I've been wanting to draw him for a while now and I have a couple more drawings of him, but that was the only one I liked.  Also, I'm now trying to use a more painterly approach in some of my drawings to contrast the softness...still having trouble with that though.

Piotr Jasielski:  Thank you for the compliment and stopping by!

So, I've been really obsessed with Anthony Jones' work lately and have been watching a lot of his tutorials.  I've mostly done a lot of sketches that I don't really keep around, but some I do and they're not really worth posting.  

I've been trying to really work on my values as I still have difficulty deciding when to use dark darks and light lights.

I've also been trying to just really work on ambient lighting in my imagination drawings as well as being a little more patient with my brushstroke.  Since I started drawing again, I've developed some bad habits as well as being impatient with my value and color selections and brushstrokes.  I'm just trying to correct some of this such, I probably won't have a lot of completed drawings, just sketches and studies.  I'm also trying to work on designs now as well.

Anyways, here's some sketches, studies, and still life from this week so far.  I have more, but like I said, they're just not worth posting now.

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All's some stuff that I've been working on the past week...or since my last post.  I'm starting to see some mistakes in my previous work that I posted...a few of those were done earlier this year/late last year.  It's always amazing to me that what you once thought was good was not actually that good.

Anyways, I've realized that I was using too much black in my previous art, especially when defining my edges and I was still using my values wrong.  So, after watching some of Anthony Jones' tutorials, I'm trying to correct that and I've been working on the lady and dog, the assassin guy in green and the knight.  The last two aren't finished (neither is the lady and the dog, but I'm happier with the newer incarnation for now.

Also, a fencer concept, some sketches and doodles, and a WIP of a Stormtrooper.  Not sure if I'm going to finish the Stormtrooper because even though I like it, I didn't really think about composition and lighting that much.  I started out with the Stormtrooper, then felt it would be cool to add the Deathstar and AT-AT Walkers so it kind of messed things up.  Plus, I didn't choose my colors wisely and I'm not sure how to make the Stormtrooper really stand out.

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Hey man glad to see you finally decided to start posting. Everything is rock solid, so I can't really see any kind of mistakes, aside from giving you the push to keep on hustling man.

Awesome stuff so far, man! Really solid brush work and character designs, just all around really nice. Can't wait to see more, keep it up!

Brian Hermelijn:  Thank you for the motivation!

ZombieChinchilla:  Thank you for looking at my sketchbook!

Here's some work from the past couple of weeks.  I started the Dryad earlier this month, but I didn't care for the composition and the values, so I pretty much stopped working on it.  Maybe I'll approach it in a different way some time in the future.  Also, an orc.

Edit:  a couple of quick studies I did for the Dryad and the rocks in the orc pic.

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Okay, so I got some decent feedback on the orc drawing as someone said it was quite flat.  So, while I'm still going to work on it some more, I made a few adjustments to it.  I think it's a bit too saturated now, but I have to go to work and can't do anything else to it this instance.

As always, critiques are appreciated.

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Cool stuff here.

wow.. Your stuff are really good. I just dont understand why didn´t you start posting here sooner with stuff like that :D

RickRichards:  Thank you for checking out my sketchbook.

Varbas:  Thank you!  I usually only posted in the critique sections under a different name.  I feel that it helps me more because people usually offer more in depth critiques.
Your rendering makes me want to quit :.(

Sketchbook: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7
Yea I can see that. In here I would not expect really in depth crits every time.. I think sketchbook is more like hub of your works and studies for somebody too see artist progress or see process of creating pieces. But yea no matter :D


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