Fritz's Sketchbook
Hi! I'm Aimee Fritz, I love art and want to improve.  In love
Been wanting to create a sketchbook here for a long time, been a real longtime stalker of the site. Now that I graduated from highschool this summer I think I need to drop the stalking and start getting involved more in an art community.

Current goals of weeks/month:
1) Nail basic proportions down 
2) Approach color
3) Figure out how the head and neck connect to the body
4) Get some good imagination stuff in/become more creative 

Critiques are all welcome, love em all <3
Hey if attachments are too big, let me know so I can resize my later stuff I always suck at guessing the right size for this kinda stuff. 

Welcome to CD Arteriorrhexis! Great start to your sketchbook - I love the fact you're actively taking what you've been learning and applying it to imagination drawings.

A quick critique on the last two pieces on the second image. Firstly, the naked lady, be careful with your proportions when it comes to arm and leg length - the arms are super long! Also, stomach anatomy does not act the way you've shaded it in; the line from her center chest to the corner of the pelvis makes no sense... it's almost like you've continued shading the ribcage all the way down her body. If you haven't already, take a look at Proko's anatomy course. He has a really neat way of teaching anatomy and even some shading.

Minor crit of the girly(?) on the right. The numerous, sketchy, lines aren't adding anything to the image. While I understand what you're going for, a lot of it is illegible. However, it doesn't hide the anatomy mistakes around the neck and shoulders of the girl.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing more!
Chubbycat: Thank you for the awesome welcome and critique! :D Yeah now that you mention the arm and leg span being too long, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Thanks also for the comment on the sketch of the girl, kinda a wakeup call to strive for more cleaner line work. I'll definetly look up Proko and apply your critique on my next post! :)

Got some study dump from the last two days. Figure I'd do a value study before jumping into color. I want to find a way to have good brushwork. Also some gesture studies, I need a ton of help on those, not sure how to make gestures fluid and charactertistic?

More studies, imagination, and a rough sketch for this painting idea I had. Yeah the anatomy and pose is jacked up crazy for the painting idea, but what's driving me crazier is the perspective. 

Wish there was more hours in the day to get things done! :D Color's gotta be my next on priority and faces.
Again for that last attachment, if it's too big, let me know and I'll fix it right up!

Nice studies and painting sketch there, although it's quite rough and needs more construction for better reading, and atm the girl looks a bit too masculine to me, plus the leg breaks the gesture. I wonder what that creature would look rendered, looking forward to see your painted version.

Looks like a sweet base for a painting to me. Def appreciate the line-economy in your gestures. :)

Your figures look really solid :D cant wait to see where you take that last sketch if you plan on doing something with it. And yay faces and color! My biggest weaknesses >.<

neopatogen: Thanks! I agree with you on the construction and the leg. Currently studying legs and knees right now

Steeliebob: Thanks man! Appreciate it :D

NoodleInBox: Thank you! Yeah I'm looking forward to finishing the idea soon. Yeah faces and color are a huge one for me. Sometimes my faces look too animu and my colors dead.

Well, it's been a while since I posted! My old cpu died and when I got a new one a week later, the new one died also. But it's fixed now and I'm getting back to digital!

Not much studies here... haha
Reworking the idea a bit since I lost the original file on the dead cpu, I played a bit more with the concept. I'll pull in some ref later for the face because it looks a bit anime to me just from imagination :\ 

Late night pinterest sketching, plus a silly Orken fan art. Gotta love that delicious eyecandy from sixmorevodka!

Dump. Been studying the chest and shoulders and the boobs are confusing me! I'm barely beginning to understand boobs and where the nipple goes but I know I need to direct my focus more sharply. I'm grasping abs thanks to Hogarth :D
Currently contemplating if I should continue studying or dive into the art station challenge for fun Love seeing participating people's WIPS in their SBs!

Whoo! Back! The new CPU I had bought turned out defective! After a long waiting process I now have one a good one and now its back to art time! 

I have such a huge question on how to capture proportions in quick 1-2 minute gestures! If anybody can give me some advice/critique I would be one happy artist! :D

[Image: qnUyoS.jpg]

That's the image from OtherMuzz which was given to me a long time ago. That really stuck to me til this day. Basically, work from general/big mass to specific details. That philosophy stuck with me even when I got to painting.

There's another reference Muzzy pointed out to me that was helpful. Check out Ron Lemen's YT channel. But to be more specific to your question, might be a good idea to check this one out if you haven't:

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Dump time! :D
Tried Ron Lemen's 1 minute quick sketch technique, I think it will be more effective traditionally. Thank you John for providing that awesome link! 

1 minute gestures freestyle?

2 Minute

5 Minute


More up next!

CHOW wips from prompt. Having trouble with colors! Interesting prompt :) 
Really wanted to go ahead and paint the 3rd design because it felt more fantasy horror but the prompt asks for the mask and so out of my three designs, I took the middle one.

I love your designs and specially your line art!
Well, I think you should take a little bit of care when it comes to values (talking about your last image) so we could se more depth and highlights (specially on the metal's armature, I can't really see the difference between the cloth and the metal...), also, I would say that you could use more solid shapes, maybe using hard brushes a little bit more, so your shapes could be better defined :)
But, other than that, great job! Keep posting!

Those figures drawings of yours look super sweet and of course your latest designs ugh so sexey *.* maybe try drawing more hands since the one you drew last lacks structure and stuff. Keep going I wanna see more <3

Doodles! About the CHOW, did not manage to finish in time. But I will try to finish the painting or create a new composition for it and maybe I will make supersunday! With that or a traditional piece.

Thank you Anna and Bella for critiques! <3

1 Minute gestures from Draw This! livestream. I was really focused this time on them, on the faces however, I need to work on that. Especially ears and likenesses. Can you believe that all the faces are from the same model :O 

Overwatch doodles, I don't even have Overwatch but I enjoy watching the World Cup haha... that and avoiding ears!

Also a character scribble. Seriously thought my cpu deleted the pdf file, but it kept the png.

I'm going to put off digital painting for a bit and focus on traditional, so next posts are going to be a bit different :D
Well maybe some digital color stuff!

Really nice studies, Aimee! Just be careful with the anatomy when you sketch (talking about the last post ok), pay more attention to the correct mesurements of the arms according to the legs, dont forget that the hands lenght line transpass a great bit of the line of the groin (about a hand), but, actually, in that particular sketch, I believe that the legs are too long and groin is too low, cause the arms seem to be ok in lenght according to the torso;

Are you using references to make those sketches? There's a duality of thought about using reference to sketch, some people say that if you use reference all the time you won't learn, and other people say that you should always use references, no matter what... hahaha that's confusing, I particularly always use reference, don't even know what my work would look like without it, maybe I should try sometime.
keep posting, honey, I'll come back again here soon! Can't wait to see more :)

Alrighty, It's been 2 months since I last posted. Been busy at university, sadly not an art school, but making a lot of time for it. I've resorted to doing a lot of studies in ballpoint pen. Might scan in the future. Here are some digital doodles and studies I've been up to quite recently.

Also @Bella, yeah when I make character sketches I avoid reference like the plague. Probably not a good idea as it enables me to make the same designs and mistakes over and over! Haha, I should probably get more comfortable with using reference though.

Ah I'm noticing my drawings keep suffering from lack of structure. Looks like I need to hammer some Hampton studies :/ I've been on Hogarth for too long haha. There are no shortcuts!

The face of your male character looks so good *.* the arm looks a bit big though. Show those sexy pen drawings of yours i wanna see them <3

Thanks Anna! Really love your comments! :) I agree that arm is like flying down that body like it wants to detach it self! 

Whoo. It's been a month since the last post. I've gone through 2 300 page sketchbooks (one with mostly perspective grids and draft stuff) but I think I will post the digital stuff and snippet of pen stuff for now. I need to develop a posting schedule. I like having this SB as a dumping place to see my improvements!

This ones from imagination :P V

Ok I will post another post with more stuff, I can't more attachments to this one I think.


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