Zaulta's Sketchbook
Painted the window in my room for a school assignment. Took about 3 hours including the breaks I took. I should try to be neater with my brush strokes and I also tend to not make enough paint for the color I'm using so that's probably why my strokes looks really scratchy. Also, I think that it would've been better if I made the surrounding room darker to focus more on the window.

process and pic of my room : ^)

Inspiration hit from watching this video days ago if you guys are interested and had the idea of two people summoning a guardian of light. A bunch of people probably had that idea, but oh well. I don't think I'm good enough to paint it digitally yet, so just did some sketches like I was planning something :p. Might actually try to paint it next week maybe. Did the bottom one first when I was at grandparent's house today then other two when I came home late.

School work day @-@ and was pretty lazy with schoolism assignment today, but got a lot of school work done. Tomorrow gonna be busy with family stuff. Also I'm planning on getting an interview for a part time job soon. Thanks for pushing for it a bit darkiste lol.

When I get the chance, just gonna choose other scenes I like to do the assignment. Got bored looking at the given images..
Been pretty busy and tired lately @_@. Schedule should be back to normal tomorrow, but have to do school work that I didn't finish. Gonna get back into it tomorrow.

Was able to get some irl painting done today. Not really happy with it tbh. Think I want to get into gouache more.

ref and sketch

Study from tonight. Finishing it tomorrow.

Self portraits sketches from mirror from two days ago. For some reason I have trouble sketching myself in 3/4 view.

Did my first job interview for a fast food place today and recently got approached by a small art company looking for people to do art : ^). Their name is the Mikkel Art Project and they pay 5 dollars per drawing. The drawings they want are pretty simple, but not sure if I'm gonna do it the way I would exactly like. I'll take it cause it will be a great start for work experience. Gonna try to keep my time on the jobs small, to try and focus more on art stuff.

Stuff from today and yesterday. Starting to get addicted to Civ 6 : ^). Also gonna try to move to the next schoolism lesson after tomorrow.

Past few days haven't been that motivated to stay on my art schedule, though today suddenly got a jolt to just do it lol. Just gonna dump my stuff in the order I did them.

Think this was for more schoolism homework. Was starting to try to render, but that would be excessive : ^)

Trying to render environments is hard..

Unfinished painting of an old character. Pretty bad lol

refs for the painting^^. Stuff at the bottom right is the sketch and bases, didn't want to clutter too much

Went outside today and did my first real gouache painting :>. Gonna try to paint with gouache everyday. I think it will it's good for the long run rather than painting with acrylics once a week and sorry for the blurry photo </ 3

Process and the area I was painting

Saw a tutorial on instagram and thought I should try it to apply. Should've been using the blender and airbrush this whole time. 

ref and process

Also watched the next lesson on the schoolism class yesterday. Mainly talked about general rules of edges, *having shapes of light and shadow*, how it applies into composition, and how softness in shadows increases it's believably. Feel like I keep on making the same mistakes over and over.
Sargent study from schoolism assignment. Might work on it a little more tomorrow, can still fix some of the edges on the light side.

Some gouache studies. Gonna try to make something for myself tomorrow.

process and ref

Also with the art job thing I'm just going to decline it. I tried to do what they were asking, but I was having zero enjoyment out of it. I think just practicing like I'm doing now is more worthwhile than spending more time doing stuff that doesn't really help me skill wise.
Hey there's no shame in turning down jobs. There's plenty of commissions I've done that I kind of wish I hadn't, because I wasn't turning out great work. You definitely learn from experience, but better to focus on studying. Also 5 bucks per drawing is like suspiciously low unless it's like really simple or something.

Nice studies though! The drawing of the sargent head looks awesome. I think all your painting would benefit from more unity in the big light shapes, though. The form doesn't read very well if there are a lot of hard shapes breaking it up.

Yeah thanks Joseph. I agree though, if I were to accept the offer it would only be to say I have some job experience and just a little anxious on how my family is going to react cause I told them about the offer : ^). Also I appreciate the crit <3, I'll go back into it tomorrow.

Did a draw this in your style thing. Really like doing these cause takes off the pressure I give myself to make something from scratch and a lot of these dtiys challenges are really simple when you put it into words. Not completely happy with it cause I think the forms on her face aren't reading @-@. Probably should've done some face studies with gouache first but it's fine.

main inspirations and process, forgot to add the laces at the end of the feathers
The dtiys poster's instagram is artemdl

Great studies :) Liking how a lot of your paint strokes are opaque and "chunky" at times. I think that's a good method of approaching digital painting and gives the ability to explore edges (which I see you're doing lately) with a better sense of structure and design beneath it.

Sorta like what Joseph was saying, I think it'd be worth it to try further breaking down and abstracting the large/ most important shapes and kind of subdivide them as you work to help with unity

Yeah thank you for the feedback < 3. Tried the best I could painting over on the study : ^). Also tried to apply what you and Joseph said on the fanart from today.

Another part of the schoolism homework is to rework one of your portfolio pieces with the info from the lesson. I don't have a portfolio, so just did a redraw of Soul from Soul Eater instead, while trying to pay attention to shapes and edges : ^). Gonna do a self portrait soon for the homework and then the next lesson. Maybe needs some texture?


Wasn't feeling great yesterday. Tried going over the Sargent study and I think I got what Joseph and spec were talking about.

This was going to be a 'portfolio redo' for the homework, but decided to quit it. Might try making a character focused on the clothing design or redo his later.

Was busy with school work yesterday, so only a half done study. Was going to work on it today after doing gouache but was not in the right head space to do art stuff.

Animation for art class. First frame is traced from a figure drawing assignment weeks ago and rest are from imagination. Should've done one more frame to show her fully stretching.

Tried to do a self portrait from mirror again and same mirror set up as last time. It ended up as a failure. One of the big things I think that didn't go well was that I made the shadows too saturated (clashed a lot with the bright lights) and maybe the lights are too light. After two or three hours in, I wasn't feeling good about the painting then computer crashed and I was done. Better thing about this portrait is that it's more accurate sketch wise.

Tomorrow, heading to a family friends place for the day. Heard that they have a lake at their house, so gonna try to get at least one painting done. Also need to start thinking on what to do for my portfolio for art school : ^).
Painted with acrylic yesterday. There were some kids playing towards the right so that's why there's ripples. Forgot my phone so no process pics and while I was on the trip my painting pallet got ran over along with my main brush lol. Also finished the last of my schoolwork, so I should be free to do art stuff most of the time now.

This was taken a few hours after I was done painting. Oh well.

Wrist was hurting from yesterday's trip, so took it easy and did some doodles only for a bit. Was pretty fun and I should do this more when I don't want to do studies.  Next time I should go more into the doodles and it should be nice for trying to practice lineart.

Studies are hard @-@


Had some time after the second study, so some doodles from the head. 

Switched to a new schoolism class, light and color with Tonko House, and took notes on the first lesson. Main thing they emphasized was painting a lot of lighting situations so was inspired to paint at night. I was feeling confident in the painting, then it started to rain. Started to do a few strokes from photo and memory, but it wasn't the same. I can probably come back to it soon since that area of the house doesn't move too much.

Schoolism assignment was to do a still life in neutral diffused light and today was raining so lucky. I wasn't motivated cause I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. Trying to learn how to use the lasso tool and with texture brushes also. Maybe tomorrow try to do another one with how I would do it myself and try to use the other tools with it. It's pretty bad, but idk what I'm doing lol I'm still trying to figure it out.

Study that I'm gonna finish tomorrow. I was trying to start using the lasso tool first to start, but I just couldn't lol. I'm very used to sketching and then blocking paintings in. While I was working, I had these looming thoughts of that I haven't improve at painting digitally at all, but it's whatever now. Guess I was just in slump. 

Didn't want to do the study after feeling like ass, so doodle. It was gonna be a regular human, but turning him into an orc guy. Want him to look normal but not aggressive like a typical orc but still look like an orc if that makes sense. Finishing this tomorrow

Busy day today, so just gonna dump. Tomorrow and the day after I won't have much time for art cause family plans.

finishing sometime

On this image don't forget to paint the shadows on the eye and eyelid too, otherwise the shadows may be mistaken for tattoos.

Thanks for the pointer :). I'll go back to it tomorrow.

Yesterday made some time for art stuff. Mainly worked on the orc guy. While I was at another family's house, sketched their son's room. Tomorrow gonna paint outside and then get back to schoolism assignments after. Also finishing up orc guy tomorrow.

Was tired today @-@, but still got stuff done though. 

It was rainy outside (no outsidee painting :<), so a still life for schoolism. Better than last time, but the solo cup was pretty hard and didn't know what to do.

Finished up the orc guy. Only some small changes and I was originally thinking of some tats but I think he looks better without them so.

Redraw doodle of something from December last year. Might go more into it tomorrow. Every time I open past digital files I see the old drawing : ^).

Don't think there's a need to upload the study of the girl cause only very small changes : ^).
Take a photo of your next still-life into photoshop and copy it as best you can with 2-3 spots colour picked from the original so you know those areas are accurate.

After a preset amount of time, colour pick the rest of the colours and pay attention to where those colours are on the colour wheel, how off you were and by what measure.
Yeah I use that trick sometimes when I do photostudies, but I kinda disagree when using it for life paintings though. The phone camera I have exaggerates the lights and darks quite a bit. Like with the paint brush from the last still life, it's exposed to the point it blends in with the white towel and the electric shaver's white bounce light would be stronger irl. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Painted in the rain for the first time near my aunt's house, cause why not. More of a hassle with bringing equipment and cleaning up, but the lighting was very consistent throughout.

process and pic

Didn't feel like doing digital stuff today :/

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