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Hi, used to be on ConceptArt and uploaded everything I did almost daily until it shut down. Hopped from forum to forum after but maybe I can make my home here :p. So I'm in high school and graduate next year. I started getting into drawing about two years ago and just got into painting and digital painting a few months ago : ^). Kinda felt like I just started over cause I only really worked with only gray scale pencil but now I'm a little more confident in what I'm painting. I wanna go to school for illustration and become an entertainment illustrator or something similar in the future. I try to keep a somewhat loose schedule everyday with no school focused around having art time.

Right now I'm trying to get into doing environments and improve in general painting. Also, just thought of this but I should also try to sketch stuff for ideas from imagination for maybe at least 30 minutes a day. Always had a hard time getting creative ideas on the page cause I overthink too much, but got better at copying what I see lol : ^).

Was really not feeling it today so did a study of a skull. Took about an hour or so.


Also here's everything from yesterday. Acrylic color studies from life and fanart from the head.

Welcome to Crimson Daggers Zaulta!

Nice start here, I think you did a greater on the fan art from imagination.

I can relate with you on the invention from imagination stuff. I myself have fallen into the trap of doing studies without applying them and have now lost the confidence to invent.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on drawing from imagination.

Anyway, good luck and hope to see more from you :).

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Yeah thanks for the welcome and the compliment <3. Gonna try to post everything daily : ^)

More color studies but on the computer. Doing it traditionally is a lot more satisfying, so gonna do color studies mainly traditionally from now on.

Also these were for the environment and light class on schoolism, they emphasize doing these a lot so gonna do more of them here and there. After doing these watched the next lesson and there's gonna be a lot of traditional painting tomorrow. They talked about color temperature and it's a lot to think about.

Imagination stuff from today and didn't go well at all. I was stressing myself out too much and was staring at the pages for two hours wasn't a fun time. I was gonna do a study afterwards, but I thought I should take a break. I want to make characters and stuff, so maybe I'll try giving myself character types, like a witch or a knight, and just do at least one character a day and allow myself to search up stuff but not just plain copy.

still not comfy posting everything after awhile but ok
Was pretty productive today. Some almost all white still lives. They're pretty hard : ^)

Started a study, but got tired :p I'll finish it tomorrow.

Asked one of my friends to pick something for me to draw and they said John Snow cause they were watching game of thrones. Drew him with a posee from my head

good studies!! you killin it

thanks as always <3 <3

self portrait day, wish I could change the background color but oh well.

process pics

Also finished the study, was gonna do something else but I've been slacking also forgot to do the imagination thing

Watched the next lesson on Schoolism and some studies today. Been pretty lazy last few days as in not using all the time I'm giving myself for doing art stuff, don't know why. Also I keep on skipping on the imagination stuff, so I'll try to do two tomorrow I guess.

All 3 min poses/hands Been neglecting hands for a very long time : ^)

Short study of a Noah Bradley piece after doing the figures and hands. Still don't really know how to refine much but might try again once I know more.

the ref

Stuff from yesterday, wasn't that great. Kinda forgot my anatomy and painting knowledge but ok. Painting environments gonna be a lot harder than I thought

Stuff from today and was a lot better. The environment stuff is homework from schoolism and the instructor said to try to paint the image as if you were really there in short. Also officially made a new character like I've been saying : ^). Got a lot of inspiration from here and there, some of her notes are in yesterdays image and I think I made up a solid story for her. Really need to learn how to render cleaner and doing it quickly also, cause refining for me takes so long.

Didn't really know what to do today, so environment studies. Also tried out gouache again after awhile. I like the way the paint looks if it's solid with enough paint, but a big hassle when trying to mix colors, cause when it dries on the pallet it dirties up the paint.

Well don't mix over the old color or get a bigger pallete or find a washable palette.

My Sketchbook
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Solid studies man, you're doing great. Maybe forgive yourself a bit for dropping the odd study here or there as you seem to be trying to cover a lot all at once.

Also your invented character is looking cool.

Keep going!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

yeah I was painting like I would with acrylics and the pallet that came with the is pretty small, ty :)

Thanks <3, have a habit of trying to do a lit of things at once, cause there's a bunch of things I wanna get good at : ^). I appreciate the tip though, gonna start just focusing on digital art for now and maybe some on location stuff here and there.

Not too much today. Haven't went outside and did art stuff in a bit, so some sketches of random things outside the house. Gonna try to get out of the house and go to the park like once a week and bring my paints if I can.

Short study. Tomorrow gonna try to learn from videos, since I wanna change my process a bit and also may try figure drawing digitally : ^).

Not much again today. Switched to Craig Mullin's digital painting course and took notes on the first lesson and did part of the first assignment. Been lazy past two days so gonna try to be productive and do the of the assignment tomorrow and some extras for myself later before moving on. He talked a lot about how important shapes, midtones, and shadows are.

Spent little less than two hours on the more refined study.

Also found out that my county is gonna start requiring us to do schoolwork again. really sucks.
Got kinda tired of doing the yellow skull one and could've darkened the lights more on the bw one. Also need to remember that cameras from reference can exaggerate especially in the yellow skull one, should've made the yellow face a lot darker.

Finishing this tomorrow

Took notes on the next lesson on schoolism and went back to watch a crit video on the first lesson. Got me motivated to redo a photostudy.

Eye area might be too dark looking compared to the nose and mouth, but it's a start : ^). Main thing Craig Mullins kept on repeating was to not to plainly copy from refs and try to capture the themes and forms from the photo not the little details.

Also tried to start something for myself right after, but : ^)

Yesterday finished the thing, didn't take that long afterwards to finish since I was already mostly done when I blocked in everything

After I tried to do figure drawing and it ended up sucking lol, needed to cool my head after it. Felt like i forgot how to do it. Might be that I'm not used to the tablet, the brushes I'm using, or might just be me. Gonna try again tomorrow.

With this study, the main things are the two fighters. Maybe I could've put a lot less contrast in the background with it being darker and made the fighters contrast each other through hue or value. Prob not gonna finish it but thats fine.

Spent some time at my grandparents house today, so took a break from what I was gonna do and brought some paints. Could've been neater and thinner with the plastic fence but k. Took about two hours to finish.

Did two minute figure drawing after I came home. Don't think it was that bad. Maybe it just shows when I stress myself out I don't do that good : ^). Also these were from bodies in motion and some of the poses were pretty awkward. Prob because they were in motion lol. Tomorrow gonna do the schoolism assignment.

Hi Zaulta, I really like your studies, especially the environments. It's great to see you painting traditionally too.

"It's better to do the right thing poorly, then to do the wrong thing beautifully."

CD Sketchbook
Yeeah thanks <3 Trying to paint traditionally about once a week.

Schoolism homework today. The homework assigned was to do a photostudy from two approaches he talked about in the lesson. They were pretty much start from extreme value then move towards the middle or start from the middle then move outwards (very low opacity). I like both of them, gonna try combining them after the next study. Also I think the way I did his eyes are making him look a little creepy.

started doing this from the extreme values way and will finish it tomorrow.

Nice job on the homework. I like the dramatic effect that starting with the extremes makes. Actually I think his eyes look creepy in the reference photo.

"It's better to do the right thing poorly, then to do the wrong thing beautifully."

CD Sketchbook
Thanks again lol. Using a chisel brush really helps with making those graphic shapes and what the instructor did afterwards was he combined all the separate value layers into one then edited it to make all of it more of a midtone value then he worked off from there. Yeah and I agree, his eye color pops out from the rest of his face.

Been so lazy lately. Started to work on this but got bored looking only at black and white. so started again in color.

His right tricep should be extended a little lower now that I look at it.

Started another study. I skipped doing the extreme value thing since it would be too tedious to do anyways, so just started how I would normally do it. Still works fine, since I group up values when I do block ins anyways. Trying to get in the habit of using more layers instead of working only on one the whole time.

Also online school officially starts tomorrow and I'm pretty pissed. Might have to cut some of my art time on some days. Maybe every Monday and Wednesday I'll use my art time to do school work. Hopefully for my art classes assignments I'll be able to submit what I've been doing by myself, but most of the time the assignments are pretty irrelevant.

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