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That's one sweet spot! If you want another suggestion then take that landscape into digital, flip it and... overpaint! Just see what crazy stuff you can come up from imagination to "improve" it.
Never would've thought of that lol. Sounds like it could be pretty nice and since I have trouble with painting environments digitally : ^).

Haven't done figures in a while, so lots of figures yesterday. 

Think i wanna do one or two 25 minute figs at the very least everyday even if I don't feel like painting. Also doesn't feel like I'm scrambling to get the right lines in so it's more relaxed.

Today, 1 hour self portrait the same approach from yesterday's figures. Probably the quickest and most accurate one so far digitally. 

Wanted to play games and talk to my friends today, since I won't be able to. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a week long trip with family, so won't be able to post. Packing all of my painting stuff I'll try to paint most of the days I'm out and paint with gouache at least once. Also will try sketching when I get the chance to. Might finally be able to sketch people irl again :).

Posting so I won't forget. Studies before leaving.

Nice updates here, really enjoy your value work in particular. Lots of contrast while keeping each element clearly defined with a strong midtone, great stuff!

Thanks :), just trying out a new way of doing studies and it seems to work well.

I was able to come back from the trip early yesterday : ^). Just did art stuff when I could and felt like it.

All the paintings from during the trip. Broke my promise of painting with gouache, but ok. Next time I paint I'll paint with it and over exposed images </3

There were a bunch of ticks trying to suck me while I was trying to paint : ^). Just quit and packed up my stuff then ran. Painted over the canvas with white afterwards.

Was pretty tired when doing this one and quit it, probably cause it was the same day as thee one above or maybe cause it was blazing hot idk.

Brought a small sketchbook. Mostly doodles, but some studies at the end.

Some doodle practice on the night I got back

Stuff from today. When I was doing doodles, I realized I had a lot of trouble doing figures from above and below perspective, so I need to practice that. I also need to get back into studying anatomy, specifically legs, back (traps!!), and the armpit area : ^). Need to try to force myself to go back into studying and practice drawing from imagination. I felt like I already covered anatomy in my first two years of drawing, so I procrastinated and avoided studying again. Gonna try to get more serious tomorrow and take a break from schoolism stuff.

Also was busy today with cleaning and calls. After a month of applying to the same place, finally got hired there. Still need to fill out some stuff from them later. I'm planning on saving money for an art mentor : ^).
Stuff from yesterday. Needed to clarify on what the armpit looked like. Need to remember that the shoulders can be tucked forward and pulled backwards and the neck can be like jutted forward : ^). Also need to start render practice tomorrow.

Yesterday's doodles from the head @-@. Not sure if the girl on the right's perspective is correct.

Felt like doing nothing today. When I was doodling on the trip I was confused on how to link the abs to the lower body and how to link the legs to the upper body : ^). Kinda forgot that there's an asis point and abs hook to the lower pelvis xd. Tomorrow gonna try to render studies of backs and legs and study lower legs.

Kinda of busy today.

I think I know the reason I'm usually not that happy with my paintings : ^). I don't really think about it but I almost never focus on appeal, like shape language, and only try to chase realism. It's pretty much been like that ever since I started and it's kinda a shame that I haven't tackled it that much, just saying it here and there and not really doing anything about it.

I've never really been confident in just going with my instinct and just going with what looks good or making things exaggerated. Think one of the things holding me back is doing construction lines always and not doing it will probably allow for better exaggeration and stuff. Tried doing it earlier today, but kept on erasing everything :/, tomorrow I'll start with not doing constructions with studies and try out some doodles I guess.
Just feeling kinda frustrated and confused with art @_@. When I compare myself to some my favorite artist they don't use construction lines and they are able to make beautify shapes and lines with their figures. Think doing it traditionally for now is best. Can't seem to get nice lines digitally and when I was trying to study and do doodles erasing everything still a problem : ^). I seem to be able to do faces just fine though.

Maybe I'm freaking out over nothing and construction lines are fine.
Try not to get dejected by comparing yourself to your favourite artist. Just because they don't use construction lines doesn't mean they aren't thinking about it constantly. They just have a wealth of knowledge where they can lean on that more internally than externally. Everyone can get there, it just takes lots of studying, and lots of practice.

In the meantime, it's always good to analyse art of people you admire. Figure out what you like about them and study them. Do you like the shape language of an artist? How they simplify form? The colour palettes? Their line art weight? Etc. etc. By figuring out why exactly you like an artist or piece of artwork, you can then study it to influence your own work.

If you haven't already, check out Charles Bargue. I think everyone can benefit immensely from looking at his drawings.
Yeah just get into a bad headspace once in a while @-@, but rally thanks for bringing me out of it haha. Guess just need to study more and will take a look at Bargue's work when I can. Long time ago did his plates for observation practice.

Pretty much just gonna dump stuff here from past few days. Worked my first job today. Wasn't expecting to be there til it closed and cleaned up...

Something very quick. Came home very late today and didn't have the chance to sit down and do art stuff. I have to work again tomorrow, but only for 4 hours. Should have time to do art stuff and planning to study from artist I like : ^).

Hey man, I just started a new job, too. The first few nights I was exhausted, because I wasn't used to standing for so long. Now I barely feel it. Hopefully you end up liking it!
Your stuff is starting to look really promising, I especially like the male legs on the latest post.

If you don't mind, I think it bears repeating that it's best to unify the large masses of tone as much as you can. Although I see a lot of improvement on your painting, you tend to kind of both blur things, and include hard shapes breaking up shadows. I can show you on the dude.

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Light and shadow separated and massed together[/font]

By just adding the intermediary tones,  the edge between light and shadow is blunted and it starts to look solid, even without any highlights.


Yeah haha, I kinda like working at a fast food place. A lot of it is like a restaurant video game I played and also thanks for helping here and there :). Thought I had lights and shadow shapes down, but revisited it lol.

From yesterday. Thought doing some Bargue studies and plates would help with shadow/light problems. Not gonna lie, uh forgot about the main crit part when doing all of these, but now I know : ^)

Stuff from today

Still need to learn how to draw arms that are bending. Mirror self portrait Learned a lot from doing Bargue studies and tips from Joseph. Still notice I still have a habit with breaking up shadows..

Was trying to do self portrait in acrylic first but it was a fail :p. Wasted some paint, but can reuse the boards.

Stuff from today and yesterday @-@

more bargue studies from yesterdays


doodle from yesterday, legs kinda weird

Redraw from today. Had work for half the day. Laptop glitched out while I was working : ^). Lost a bit of work, but ok.

Pretty tired today in general @-@. Was pretty lazy and didn't want to go further with the redraw. At least I think my portraits improved. Need to start applying and studying how to render bodies and clothes more. Also small doodle from the head.

When you try something you never waste anything.You learn

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
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Yeah I work at a restaurant and I feel kind of like Flo from Diner Dash sometimes (old ass game where you get to repeatedly relive the worst part of waiting tables: when shit piles up and everyone gets pissed at you).

You are generally pretty good about light and shadows, but you do have to make the shapes on point, and very cohesive. Otherwise as you add shading and details little problems just compound and the form doesn't come off as well. Your most recent bargue study post is looking really good! Those are really good drawings to copy.

Yeah got it darkiste

Haha true, especial when rush hour for lunch and dinner : ^). It's really a nightmare. Also thanks for the heads up and checking in again <3. Gonna try to tackle clothes and shapes tomorrow.

Was looking for a lot of study material for tomorrow other than that small doodle. I have the rest of the week off so it's art time.

Stuff from yesterday. Was kinda bored doing only studies @-@.

Stuff from today. Refs for the Riven thing are on the right. Honestly need to kick myself in the ass more.

Just some doodles today @-@. Top half is before work bottom is after.

Was busy today. Kinda wanted a small break from art stuff so only a bit of doodles. Busy with work next 3 days but gonna try to start a render practice study.


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