Ognjisha's esoteric studies
(08-07-2020, 09:07 PM)ognjiša Wrote: Thanks Andrew!! Your critiques are always very helpful. Idk if you saw i sent you a dm asking for a paintover, but i kinda figured you would do it regardless
Here's the final thing, i did most of the things you painted over
and i redid the main characters hands 

Thanks again Andrew : D 

Most welcome,
I did get the PM haha  Thumbs_up
I think the revised version looks great!
Fantastic piece

*there is a stroke of purple going over his stick above his hand, that's probably not intended

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
@Andrew yeah lol a slip-up from alt tabbing probably (but noone else noticed luckily :D), thanks again for the feedback!

Anyways, here's some new stuff, a new character design, the final in the series 

[Image: Ob09R3A.jpg]

[Image: Y9MhFOA.jpg]

A card for Max Grecke's discord challenge (based on an earlier character design)

[Image: c4CdavJ.jpg]

[Image: G9spXs5.jpg]

A self portrait for proko's challenge

[Image: 6bTxvNi.jpg]

And some quick studies

[Image: RMGa7yv.jpg]

And wanted to work more on hand gripping poses cuz i struggled with them in a painting

[Image: FPi5lFQ.jpg][Image: AtOKtuv.jpg]

Drain gang
Just gonna have to say that on the priest piece you could do better with your cast shadow.Try when you get your layers selected to right click and than go to perspective if your using photoshop and play around with your shadow shape until you feel like it a decently in perspective.But i am probably not teaching you anything but if i did try that super easy and quick to do and it anchor down your figure even just on a plain white back ground.Keep going we need your inspiring stuff around here.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Thanks darkiste, your comment is very valid, the shadows are hella whacky 

Here's some portrait studies, im doing them everyday along with the portrait drawings 

[Image: dXJR17B.jpg]

[Image: pSibWpm.jpg]

[Image: CyKz3nd.jpg]

[Image: elGYrEE.jpg]

[Image: 9EWzl4d.jpg][Image: urkRwR7.jpg][Image: s76w0aS.jpg][Image: 198IzBc.jpg][Image: 5muisSS.jpg]

A painting for this month's CDC 

[Image: UAvulyU.jpg]

And a painting for Tyler Edlin's assignment on Discord

[Image: iAlvObN.jpg]

[Image: hA6UADZ.jpg]

[Image: lXXG8gl.jpg]

[Image: CbP8v4o.jpg]

[Image: Kq8wFjr.jpg]

It's the most complex painting i've attempted and i'm having so much fun with it, can't wait to finish it!

Drain gang
This remind me somehow of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance specially the kid in cage aspect.I think your biggest issue probably will be avoiding over rendering and maintain the contrast were you want the eye to go.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Really dig your sketchbook, ognjiša. I admire the sheer volume of art you are able to pump out, and to a high quality to boot. Your use of colours in you latest illustration is *chefs kiss* - the orange contrasting with the green is very nice. The boy is the same character from the moon piece on the previous page, right?

Anyway, love your stuff. Keep it up!

Sketchbook // Insta 

And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea
the scene is looking awesome,
love how the bridge doubles as a dinner table!
the characters on the very left look a bit forced to line up there but the rendering is looking great
I hope you'll put the time to finish this one strong

the portrait studies are excellent

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Ey thanks for the feedback guys

Here's that painting finished
[Image: Ces5og0.jpg]

And also some character sketches for it 
[Image: h4Fs48I.jpg][Image: RaVo2Nr.jpg][Image: BuIwykq.jpg]

And character designs for Crystal Canvas' contest 

The Boy, he's the main character 

[Image: JtXbKqG.jpg]

[Image: E1maQAP.jpg]

The Shaman

[Image: 0PPOG5c.jpg]

And some quick portrait studies, not doing much of these now, mostly focusing on that contest now

[Image: Qegm0i2.jpg][Image: jUbc1Hp.jpg][Image: 2r0TZYQ.jpg]

Drain gang
Wow man! So inspiring sketchbook! Loving your work and approach to studying art! :D
Damn man your killing it :) Haven't got much to offer feedback wise, just keep doing what you are doing. Btw I'm really digging those shaman designs! :)

Very good looking sketchbook. I especially like the way you handled line-weight on those portraits. - Clear line at front of the face, 'sketchy' at the back. Very good design-sense too. Hat's down sir.

Thank you all! Here's some new stuff, finished that crystal canvas project 

[Image: MyiKM4k.jpg]

[Image: 7ufOmxc.jpg]

[Image: Up24Sbp.jpg]

[Image: Ixh56Ji.jpg]

[Image: DDOgJMZ.jpg]

[Image: zlpV7QJ.jpg]

[Image: j1TNoN4.jpg]

Some studies 

[Image: iLDltvD.jpg][Image: IDKPHcG.jpg]
[Image: z5gIKr8.jpg]
[Image: kSp4CJY.jpg]

[Image: 97NonLg.jpg]

And some stuff for a new painting im working on, i have no idea how it's gonna turn out 

[Image: NbU511I.jpg]

[Image: 3nYHZjF.jpg]

[Image: sTblXpp.jpg]

[Image: hjTBllc.jpg]

I do a lot of sketches copying other artists, might post that sometime

Drain gang
you are on fire, great qualities coming through in your work.

I saw you're goblin piece in Tyler Edlins vid, I watched it cos i saw your piece in the thumbnail.
haha. Well done on that one and all the recent stuff. the quality and volume of work is great man

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
My first impression was that your as consistent as ever.If i may engage in nitpicking it would probably be at the level of your choose of color choose i personally find that if this is a poster from afar it just seem to muted in term of contrast in contrast to the background.So i did a few adjustment playing with the image adjustment option in photoshop and i think it help the poster to read better from a far but the mood is somewhat less swampy and now more ocean lslash adventure like which is i believe what you were going toward since your character had shell like armor piece.I think the vibe that is lost is probably the dark vibe that you might have been going for.Since you seem into dark story kind of vibe you know the kind of story you tell your kid so they can't sleep at night...

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Thank you, Andrew!
And yeah Darkiste i def see what you're going for, i think something right in the middle of your and mine version would work the best, thank you!

Drain gang
Here's some more studies, back to doing these daily!

[Image: ksaEuNw.jpg]

[Image: vemdrE5.jpg]

[Image: TSEtIzY.jpg]

[Image: 3EMFLBX.jpg]

[Image: YuTjlqp.jpg]

And a dwarf for Even's draw this in you style

[Image: FgpYtPR.jpg]

[Image: tgVJKBS.jpg]

Another yet unfinished dwarf for that

[Image: e49a1wy.jpg]

[Image: Ki8pSzh.jpg]

And a little experiment trying out an inked approach

[Image: 0XQMSaq.jpg]

Drain gang
Mindblowing stuff like always, you always mesmerize with the output you have while keeping with the quality. Not sure if you shoot yourself caffeine directly into your veins or literally are a robot powered by a fusion core but either way, roll on! Congrats on whatever contest I've missed I've read you won over. Thumbs up!
Hahhaha thank you Roto, you're hilarious!

Here's some more studies

[Image: ibqtjHG.jpg]

[Image: YV2mJGz.jpg]

[Image: iULNNr3.jpg]

[Image: XGMXhTk.jpg]

And a few new dwarves

[Image: CIvCTbh.jpg]

[Image: QtvBpgb.jpg]

Drain gang

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