Mochiman's sketchbook
Not a a complete beginner but not exactly intermediate or advanced either. Just posting my practice here starting with some from the past months. Been looking for a site like this since it is nice to have feedback and work and second eyes to make sure I'm going in the right direction.

And some more from recently

You look like you're going in the right direction to me, although the "right" direction is a vague concept in art (it basically just means you're not drawing Anime Mona Lisa repeatedly).

What I'm most interested in is where you want to go with art. E.G. drawing for fun, want to do work in games, just want to draw the coolest dragons ever. The personal works you posted look Final Fantasy-ish. Very cute chocobo, by the way.
Yeah that's my final fantasy 14 character. I'm not really aiming to go pro but still trying to improve. I don't really have a definitive goal beyond that currently. So I guess yeah drawing or painting cool stuff properly but just not expecting to get paid for it in the future.
More from recently. The last two are from today. Not sure where my scanner cables are.

You've got a surprising variety of animal studies there. You like drawing all sorts of creatures?

Nice hammerhead shark; you nailed that dopey look they have. One thing I'd suggest, technique-wise, is to make the cross-hatching follow the form more. I mean like those transverse and longitudinal lines you have on the hammerhead that follow its 3D shape; try doing similar things with the cross-hatching. It's not necessary, but it's helpful for getting a feel for the form.
Yeah, I was trying to do that on the tiger shark but don't think I was really succesful. The pattern also should follow the form unlike in my picture.

Been trying to do more sketching/studies since I used to get too wrapped up studying from books and stuff and not actually drawing a bunch of different things to practice.
Just more like last time

More pages

I get overwhelmed trying to add in the smaller forms and details with stuff like vehicles but just need more practice I guess

Haven't really painted much before so been trying to that a bit here and there. Need a lot of practice drawing people too.

Don't be so concern with value for the moment in my opinion.I feel like there might be some proportion issue you want to address first and practice accuracy if you see what i mean?

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Yeah definitely
Really like how this sketchbook has a focus on actual drawing fundamentals, like drawing stuff in geometric shapes. Stick with this and you will improve fast!

I hope so.
You may not feel like you're getting anywhere when practicing, but it helps, trust me. Sometimes you won't notice evident improvement until weeks or months later.

You're doing better with those contour lines. One can really feel the fatness of that dumbo octopus.
Yeah I relate to that. Definitely feel like I am getting nowhere most of the time.
dont forget to draw from memory/imagination after doing some studies, if you dont, most of the information u just learned goes away. This might be why you might be experiencing tooo slow of a progress if you arent applying your studies to work without reference.

Yeah I get what you mean. Definitely another thing to work on.
Find getting the perspective on wings hard. They often angled upwards and have curved shapes making it hard to get a feel for their form.


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