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(09-13-2020, 07:40 AM)wld.89 Wrote: hey man, nice sketchbook ! i agree with the previous comment, really need to improve at drawing ! it'll help you improve at making things more believable, it'll also improve your sense of design that can really be improved ! when designing an outfit or whatever, imagine yourself wearing it ! On the b&w painting of the "orc" warrior, it would be quite impossible for him to move with his armor, the hips are blocked, the shoulders are blocked, the wrists are blocked too and certainly the ankles. You have to be careful about those kind of things ! study a lot about that stuff to understand how it works, how it fits the body, etc ! Keep it up man !
Armor technology depend on the setting and era it was from some armor do have really poor mobility but it can actually add to the story it just depend what your after.You surely wouldn't want to design a armor suit that would go on a thief who want to avoid making noise like an armor wear by heavy cavalry.

So it not necessary a error but it sure will create mobility issue if those design would be use in a movie for example or some design might not be suitable for video design as they would create visual collision that would make the experience less beliable and more glitchy.So how thing move over a figure are still something one as to take in consideration depending on the project.As you progress as and artist you tend to go away from the boxy toward the more organic shape and you start to understand what work and what doesn't but it always a good idea to understand the function of and object to have better design.

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thanks for the advice, drawing a lot is definitely gonna work in terms of design and quality, although i don't really separate drawing from painting, i do draw when i paint. Regarding the orc dude and his inability to move, i'm fine with that, it wasn't done for a project or some game setting, just an exploration, but thanks for pointing that out.
ok, some old pen studies this time

more pen studies

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new sketches/studies from ref and imagination, it's so much harder to draw on a tablet than it is with a pen

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Trying to get better at drawing digitally.

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Some new studies, trying to focus on planes and values without opacity on, trying to simplify.

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You're doing a good job with the switch to tablet! Important to master that skill for sure, keep the pen and paper stuff going too!

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Looking great! Loving all the figure studies and the variety of work you present, really well done. Keep it going!


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