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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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yup I'm still alive, I missed last week  because I was so busy and I almost miss this week as well arg.. You are definitely pushing ourselves  lol

Anyways, I did some arcs design and an orthographic view of the church. Both arcs and ortho views are pretty rough but you can get the idea.

I also did a value sketch of the interior church. It looks so shitty, you can't still see any designs yet...
I'll paint a person chalk silhouette instead of a dead person, is it cooler right? haha

I think I should have done an exterior shot because it is easier than this one...but it's too late..

[Image: hadin8b.jpg?1]
Great work everyone!!! It's really inspiring to see everybody working so thoroughly on their pieces, and it's motivating me as well. I have to say that for the piece I'm doing, if it wasn't for the class and the constant feedback and improvement advice I got from Amit I would have long put it aside. It feels really good though not to give up on it and to keep on grinding, even if there's a tough week between!

@wasgodx: YAY for Daft Punk!

Here's one of my favourite songs for motivation and good feelings:

@Monkeybit, your paintover. Vid crit should be up too.
Others, bear with me again...yet another crazy week for me...perhaps the last one and things will ease up a bit!!

@cyprinus hell yea, you can never go wrong with some freddy!

@amit holy wow man thanks a lot, ill watch it after work. You sure do know how to push a piece forward every time
sup everyone ! pretty good stuff im seeing here.
Believe it or not my Internet was cut off because of some unpaid bills.  its the holidays from here so i was unable to pay. anywho this is where i am right now, spending quite some time with this, i still feel i could be adding more. but if you guys have any crits or tips to add please do so.

[Image: enviro%20desing%206.jpg]

I agree with Cyprinus, this mentorship is forcing me to do the work because of the constant feedback and additional motivation from classmates. being in 2 years of trying to teach myself on how to do this. i never experienced anything like this before.
Not really motivational music, but this is pretty much what I listen to all day.

I think I've finally got my shit together to work again. I'll post some stuff tomorrow.
Quick update :D I'm a bit lost with the detail...
Amit I'd like you doing crit in this one instead of last one if it's still possible ;) 
[Image: xytynCa.jpg?1]
Thanks for your feedback on my last assignment, Amit! Hopefully I'll be able to pay attention to everything when I'm going to do the real thing! :>
I wonder if I should do a lineart first now and if it would help me to establish the right perspective. Usually, when I work digitally, I do a sketch and then I dive into painting quickly, but that's because I'm impatient. I wonder if solid lines wouldn't be a better foundation.... Does anybody of you have some advice on it?

In other words, unfortunately I pulled a muscle or irritated a nerve by a clumsy movement, but right now I can't really sit comfortably without pain :( I already scheduled a doctors appointment, but I only got one on Friday. I hope that tomorrow I might feel better or at least after the doc, but I don't know how much I'll get done in the next few days.

Meanwhile keep on rocking guys and be careful not to pull such stunts as I do...orz
A WIP shot.

Rejoining the group after a month of not drawing anything. Currently redoing assignment 4 during spare time. Three more paintings to go... (>;_;)>

I might have to move to traditional media more just to give my eyes a bit of a break from the computer screen though.

[Image: C7Vf1IR.png]
Hey guys, most of the crit vids are uploaded now. I still have to do Aumes, and U-3c. Just carry on with your pieces. The "deadline" will be next Friday (11th), but please post your work as soon as you have done enough that you want crit on in order to continue. I will just do crits for them as they come in rather than in one big go!

Great job peeps!

@Cyprinus, I guess if you feel it will help you, then go for it! It may take a bit longer to get to the painting phase, but it will be easier with lineart, especially for mechanical stuff. I normally don't do lineart, but then again I don't often do mechs!

*edit: @Aumes, sorry for the horrendous long crit with swearing. I was tired and cranky :)
Thanks for the crit, Amit! Hoping I can get this pushed a decent amount forward this weekend. I had started doing some greyscale rendering of the crystals the other day, but I might end up scrapping that layer and starting it over. I don't know why I didn't really think of doing a quick light/shadow pass before moving on to the render stage.
Thanks for the crits, Amit! I'll admit this week was super hectic with it being the last week of classes, so my piece was done in one sitting and was fairly rushed. But now that the next week should be a lot more free, I'll try to do more research and actually take my time a lot more this time. The crit really helped, I think I have a good idea for where to go next, and might even try to do some colors. We'll see.
Wow Amit!  What a critique... I don't know how to thank you, it was awesome. Seriously man. 
No sooner I had watched your crit I worked on the piece. You encouraged me so much with a 30 min vid.
What do you think? I did some tweaks but I don't know which one is best. 
[Image: eIm0UbW.jpg?1]
@Lordminkx: Sometimes I feel my photobashing process is very messy, so I can't tell if it is useful or not, so thanks for the feedback! I think it has to be somewhere between 1 and 3. I like the darkness of 1, but you need to be careful not to lose too much depth and bring in some of the lighter atmo perspective that is in 3. 2 is too washed out overall. Also, watch the perspective of the furthest right columns; sometimes you just can't adjust cylindrical photo elements in perspective, without painting over a lot! It's better to find an image that is very close to matching the perspective you have.
Hey everyone,

Here's what I've been up to for the last week (ish). Really starting to get excited about my idea which is pushing me to do way more on it! I've already got a few ideas for more the world, can't wait to get them out!

The two first works are are almost finished, but honestly I think I'll end up revising the designs and starting over, but they were a lot of fun a great way to develop the style of my world. 

It looks like everyone's killing it, lot's of great ideas and styles. I should be a bit more present in the forums, sorry!


What's up everyone? Very good job guys!

Hey Amit! Thank you so much for this week's crit. Sorry you had to work on it till late, even though i appreciate that you did :) .
Man, this is an entirely better level you're into (I'm not even near). Although, i'm gonna finish my current version the way i envisioned it (poor minded, i know) and i'll work on a retake of it following your current week crit (because it's way more interesting structurally). It's gonna be challenging because i know i'm limited, but with your crit vid (showing me step by step every stage i screwed up on the nvr dev process XD! shame on me) i might make it alright.

I wish you all a good study week!

@voss, nice! So much damn work man...sheeeeeeeyat.
@Aumes: No problem dude. Don't worry, just do what you can! I was hoping that I could just show you my process and thinking on your image, just for learnings sake, not necessarily to implement all the ideas :)
Keep going!
Wanted to give an update, so far it's been really picking up and i've be juggling between projects on and off of work, so i'm still working on my piece little by little. I should have something in by this friday.
Also, I don't know what week we're on, is this the last week for the class?
Great Bryan! This is technically week 7, so there will be one more round of formal critique.

In week 8, if people are keen, I want to talk a little about or answer questions about people's art goals, life balance and self-teaching / folio building / and do folio reviews for people. I will just be doing that on a stream so actually if there is anything specific you wanted me to talk about from my experience I will put up a document where you can write these down before the stream.

It has gone really quiet, so I hope people are progressing!

I'm slowly getting things done... Still trying to get through everything that is going on in my personal life, but I'm trying to dedicate today to working on this to at least get it to a better place. Excuse the messy layer styles, please. This crystal is kicking my ass, so i decided to do the background beforehand in order to determine exactly how the crystal will be lit/what colors from the environment will be reflected onto it.
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