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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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Hey guys!
How's everyone doing?
Posting this week assignment as i see all this inspiring work by all of you guys. This thread is pumping! :)

Btw, nice stream Amit (i couldn't get in the chat, some BS about facebook not being recognized, oh well, i'll try to figure it out).


[Image: AumesRonoy_week02.jpg]
(10-08-2015, 10:12 AM)wasgodx Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, that happens to me as well. I'm to bad escaling characters, but thank whoever did the Scale tool for that.

Have you tried to get any reference for the ships?

And i I may ask, I'd like to study and copy those value sketches you've made? Because besides 3 and 5 (which again, they produce a really warm and calm feeling) the 4 and the 1st are mindblowing and I don't think I have the grasp yet on for example how to do a structure like yours ò_ó

So tomorrow I'll probably try to do it. The light points on the bridge gave me a nice sensation of an alive city, building itself, etc.

The best we can do I think is find new reference-inspiration and do more. I really like these exercises :3

Yeah of course, feel free - I'd suggest you pick someone with better composition skills tho! lol.

Good call - I went off and watched Elysium for some ship ref and inspiration, thanks.

I've reworked 5 a little bit now, might resubmit it. Plus been doing a load of quick thumbnails on paper to work through the nagging aches in my brain!

Damn everyone's smashing it! Some amazing stuff going up!
Hi all,

If anyone runs into this problem:
Then the answer's on the above link, I'd just recommend installing the latest drivers.
(10-09-2015, 12:42 AM)MehdiVdC Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all,

If anyone runs into this problem:
Then the answer's on the above link, I'd just recommend installing the latest drivers.

You just saved me a few ragequits.. :)
Hey, I hope everybody is doing alright! Glad to see everybody so busy with the assignments.
Here's my stuff from week 2!

First of all, thanks Amit for the great videos! I found those very insightful.

I ran into some problems while doing these, first, my visual library concerning the subject is really poor. I had a look at refs here and there, but it will probably take some time to build upon it. Resulting from this I somehow felt very insecure and sometimes overwhelmed with applying everything from the lectures. Most of the time I felt I didn't really manage to get across the scenes and their atmosphere I had in mind. For number 3 for example I wanted to have a sense of loneliness, so I choose the wide field and initially I wanted to depict the play of light and shadow from a cloudy sky on the ground. I feel like I lost all my steam after number 1 and 2, and I suddenly ended up with these wide gaps in the picture I didn't know what to do with, so they all feel a little boring to me. Also, edges....I still need to find a way to manage these better.
On the other hand, this stuff is really far, far off my comfort zone so I also feel really good while doing these, because I feel like I'm learning a lot. I probably sound really confused XD Anyway, sorry for the long wall of text, just wanted to share some of my thoughts!

[Image: edc_assignment_week02_by_cyprinusfox-d9cd5we.jpg]
Awesome work everyone :)

[Image: lWsmf1n.jpg]
Hello, I am still sick but I am better, thanks guys:D Bookend, thanks for the tip, I am drinking a lot of water. Amit, I have seen the crit!!! THANKS!! First time I got something for FREEEE :D 02 this assignment is hard for me. It is new for me, I always do a lineart and then value... I fought with my bad thoughts and here I am with my assignment 02! I think I will do more of this 5 later. I have to do something collaterally to this assignment. Something from my comfort zone to feel better after this assignment.. :D and one more.. Vossgraphite, your assignment 02 sketches are professional and I think you might finish them in color and details, they are awesome!
[Image: fUgDlic.jpg]
Wow awesome work everyone!
Week 2 was harder than I expected and I was struggling a lot.. but I could finally finish it. the first 3 are shit but with 4 and 5 i-m kinda happy xD [Image: LHzBCvO.jpg]
it was a struggle. i try to nail down everything that this week's have taught me but i just got overwhelmed. add to that the challenge of coming up my own concepts to draw from. it can be quite intimidating at first but i came to like it the most in the creative process.

once i got the basic shapes down you may notice how i tried to top it up with small details on top just to give more info as to whats going on in the picture this leads me to a battle with myself trying to make it look clean afterwards which i think i lost.

[Image: weyuru.jpg]
Well, here we are!

[Image: mXOMk3I.png]

Amazing works everyone! You deserve a nice rest! :3
All done! Kinda want to redo some of these. I feel like each one got better and better as I did them, so the first couple are very...meh.

[Image: zombiechinchilla_week02%20copy_zpstylwq0qy.png]
Extremely sorry about the poor quality of work.

Just had a midterm crisis after I realized just how much I've procrastinated on all my schoolwork.

I was so stressed that I couldn't really paint anything, so I cannibalized some past stuff. I know there's many really basic problems but I really cannot work on anything else other than studying for my exams until this weekend.... (┬_┬)

[Image: 1yuK2v7.png]
Week 2 Assignment! :)
I have never struggled so hard with anything ever before I swear, compounded by my complete brain fail trying to translate digital to traditional. (that last one looks better than the other four because it was done fullsize A4 and on the smoother side of the paper, things like this don't help, but you don't see it until you scan it in - the scanner also washed the values out, but I couldn't fix without the paper texture becoming even more obvious -_-)

[Image: punkacat_week02_by_punk_a_cat-d9cfquy.jpg]
Awesome work guys, keep em coming. Punky, you just improved on your first attempt sketches by about 500%. Seriously well done! You should be proud of this even though you might not see it yourself. More in your crit.
Though week for me! I jumped from ideas all over! You can see a lot of reference of buildings that I didn't use because I couldn't figure out how to use it well. 

I did use Notans in the first sketch, but made regular thumbnails for 2 and 4. 3 and 5 came in last and were made experimenting on the canvas. I struggled making environments stretch to big distances, as I always have. Also, adding multiple planes in the work, or exaggerating perspective. 

Looking forward to your comments or critiques, and to next week's class! 

Awesome stuff everybody, crazy amounts of work happening in here!

Here's mine, I think I let the details get out of hand this week :/... also included notan thumbs that generated the ideas.

[Image: qmoYp3e.jpg]
This week has been a struggle between schoolworkgettingtheplague, and I definitely ran out of time. I wish I could push them a little bit more, but hopefully the read comes through!

[Image: rmiCuT1.png]

aaaaaaaaaaaaand now i pass out
Great to see so much activity here, and impressive work! And thank you so much for the critique last week, Amit, it's very much appreciated, especially since you're having such an amount of work with this class!

Here's what I managed to do, I feel I need to do way more of those before I reach somewhere I'm happy with, but at least it's a start.

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